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How to Convert Photos to Coloring Book Pages

Do you have an album about your family? Do you want to make a coloring book for your children from your photos? Yes, you can. This is a perfect idea for your kid's activity. They will have hours of fun with coloring without bothering parents. Turn your family photos into coloring book pages. Coloring is a best way to relieve stress, so why not have fun coloring some photos in your family? With the development in technology, this is not difficult to do. You will have two different software packages for converting: Adobe PhotoShop and GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). If you have Adobe PhotoShop you can use it, but if you don't currently own GIMP, you can download GIMP from the Internet. GIMP is freely distributed software for image composition, photo retouching and image authoring. Check out this official website http://www.gimp.org to download GIMP and then follow the instructions.

When you have these software, GIMP or Adobe PhotoShop, you are ready to transform photos. Here are the instructions for two software. At first glance the instructions have many steps and are complex to do; however, they are very easy to follow. You will enjoy and will be an expert on converting photos, after practicing to make the first coloring page.

Adobe PhotoShop

Step 1. Launch PhotoShop.

Step 2. Choose File -> Open from the toolbar.

Step 3. Find your photo you’d like and choose a photo.

Step 4. Choose Layer ->  New -> Layer via Copy from the toolbar. (A Background Layer and Layer 1 are created.)

Step 5. Choose Layer 1 from the layer pallet in the lower right-hand corner 

Step 6. Choose Image -> Adjustments -> Desaturate from the toolbar. ( The image should now be black and white. You will now need to duplicate Layer 1.)

Step 7. Choose Layer -> New -> Layer via Copy from the toolbar. 

Step 8. Choose Layer 1 (copy) and rename it to Layer 2.

Step 9. Choose Layer 2 from the layer pallet.

Step 10. Choose Image -> Adjustments  -> Invert from the toolbar. 

Step 11. Change the layer blend mode to Color Dodge. (The image will turn white.)

Step 12. Choose Filter -> Blur ->  Gaussian Blur from the toolbar. 

Step 13. Move the radius slider all the way to the left and then move it towards the right.

Step 14. Adjust the slider until you’re happy and then click Ok.

Step 15. You're done! Just save and print out the image, add to your coloring book of family photos and give it to your children to color. 


Step 1: Launch the GIMP application.

Step 2: Choose File -> Open from the toolbar.

Step 3: Choose your favorite image.

Step 4: Choose Filters -> Artistic -> Cartoon in the Image Dialog Box.  

You will now have an outline your image and make it look kind of like a comic book.

A new box will appear which will allow you to change the settings.

Step 5: Lower the % Black to 0.100, and click OK.

Step 6: Select Image/Indexed. 

Now you can change the image to black and white. 

The ‘Indexed Color Conversion’ box will display.

Step 7: Under Colormap, select Use black and white (1-bit) pallet and then click Convert to see the final product.

Right now, follow these steps to make your own coloring book pages. If you are brave, share your colored picture for ColoringPagesOnly.Com.

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