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How To Draw Hello Kitty Sitting

If you remember, many months ago I posted a article tutorial on how to draw Hello Kitty. Today’s tutorial is going to be how to draw Hello Kitty in a sitting position. Do you like it? If you like it, you can start right now. 

Before drawing you need to be prepared: HB (#2) Pencil, 4B pencil; Eraser; Drawing paper; Drawing surface

Step 1:  Make a large circle, which will become her head– and a triangle right below it which will be her body. The triangle and head are roughly the same width, with the top point of the triangle starting slightly inside the circle.

Step 2: On each of the bottom points of your triangle, draw a large oval that comes about halfway up the triangle. Since we are drawing Hello Kitty in a sitting position, these will be her feet.

Right below Hello Kitty’s head, where the circle touches the triangle, draw an oval that is about 1/2 the size of her feet. These ovals are going to be her arms. Make one of them point upwards, and the other one downwards.

Step 3: Draw Hello Kitty’s face. Start by drawing a small oval near the tip of the triangle as shown in the picture to the right. On either side of that oval, draw two more vertical ovals that will become her yes.

– Her eyes and nose are almost exactly in line with each other. Her nose only sits slightly lower than her eyes.

Step 4: At this point we will need to clean up our drawing a little bit. Erase all your unwanted guidelines, and make your lines as clear as possible. Then, make Hello Kitty’s ears by drawing two slightly rounded triangles on top of her head. Each of these triangles is in line with each of her eyes.

Step 5: Draw Hello Kitty’s trademark bow tie. To make her tie, draw a circle right below, and in the middle of her left ear. On either side of this circle, make a large “C” shape, with a smaller “C” shape in each one.

Step 6: Add clothes. What’s interesting about her clothes is that her entire outfit is created by only three lines. Make a “U” shape right under her head that is her collar. Then, draw a line on each wrist to form her sleeves. A few whiskers on each side of her head, and that’s it!

Step 7 (Final Step): Let's color for Hello Kitty drawing in a sitting position. You can use markers, color pencils or even crayons to color it. This coloring page is an easy cartoon character to color. You can color her bow and overalls red, her nose yellow and her shirt pink. Don't color in her face. You can actually color Hello Kitty's clothes any color you want, but make sure you keep her nose yellow and her face white. That's it! You now have a completed drawing of Hello Kitty in a sitting position. Have fun and enjoy it!


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