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Monsters Inc coloring pages: Return to childhood memories with "Monsters University".

Monsters Inc coloring pages: Return to childhood memories with “Monsters University”.

I believe that: when it comes to the monster training movie, everyone will be highly interested. Monsters Inc is an “ageless” movie that both young and old can watch. This is a fun but meaningful movie by Disney. There are deep lessons hidden behind that great footage. So we introduce the Monsters Inc coloring pages to you so that everyone can get acquainted with each character.

Monsters Inc coloring pages: This is a cartoon for all ages.

When it comes to the movie’s name, are there any children who feel scared, or are there any adults who are not interested? When it comes to the monster movie name, you probably all think: this is a horror movie with ugly shapes and evil characters. But it’s not what you think, the characters in the movie are all very cute and funny. Moreover, the stories in the movie always speak meaningful lessons of life such as friendship, trust, humility, or stories of solidarity, which are things we need to learn more about them. We think that the Monsters Inc coloring pages will be the gift we bring to help the children get acquainted with new friends.

Children are hyperactive and love fun, so every night will be the time when parents have a headache when coaxing their children to sleep. Stemming from a realistic context, although somewhat helpless but equally lovely, producer Dinsey has released an animated monster training movie so that parents and children can mingle and watch. See real-life elements in it. So the filmmakers created a movie with characters when the baby goes to bed, and at night, it’s not toys but monsters.

The monsters have a vibrant, lifelike human in the director’s fantasy world. Here, a respected profession is scaring children to collect screams of terror, which gives life energy to the monster inhabitants, and from there will help our babies quickly and go to sleep more. But to be so successful in the field of intimidation, they all went through difficult introductory lessons in MU. The “Monsters, Inc” corporation is a place that specializes in bringing monsters to children’s bedrooms to scare them. Just through the magical doors, the monster staff can get to the children’s beds, but they are not allowed to touch them because if the monster touches the children, People will destroy them.

That explains why the whole monster world went into chaos when a human girl accidentally got lost here. The person who caused the above consequences is the good-natured monster – the best employee of “Monsters, Inc” and his mission is to bring her back safely home with the help of his best friend Mike. But this is not easy because of the fierce pursuit of the monster world as well as the malicious plots of the villain Randall, all aimed at baby Boo.

We have many meaningful stories in life from this movie.

The monster characters in the movie are extremely lovable, especially the Mike-Sulley Monster Couple. When Mike enrolls in Monster School, he encounters Sulley from the prestigious Sullivan aristocracy. Mike and Sulley are not only opposite in appearance but also in personality and thinking. They are not compatible. While Mike is thin and studies hard, the big Sulley is lazy. Mike is lovable but cynical and often bullied by others, but he has an iron will that others admire. Sulley is a big man with a scream of terror, but he is weak.

Monsters University is humorous and humane, reminiscent of the childhood memories that everyone has experienced. Mike and Sulley also go through all emotional: funny stories with their classmates in school. They join up with friends to fight their bullies. Both intelligent and mischievous are, at the same time—the characteristics of “useless” Monsters. They finally realize a true friendship from being in a relationship going through the ups and downs. They know how to appreciate the person who has always been by their side, from enemies to friends. Monsters University is suitable for children, teenagers, and adults, with profound humanistic meanings. “Monsters University” will take you into a world of super crazy students with all sorts of destructive tricks. Funny situations also come from here, when the competition between monsters becomes more intense after each round. And to “Monsters University”, they are still guaranteed when the audience is immersed in the colorful world of monsters. The characters are designed relatively funny without a scary appearance and personalities, making it easy for viewers to grasp their style.

Accompanying the fun footage is the Monsters Inc coloring pages. We hope that characters like one-eyed Mikey, the furry monster Sulley, the clumsy two-headed Terry, the fat Squishy, etc. Baby Boo again. Those characters will be cute not only in the cartoons but also in the Monster Inc coloring pages. Meaningful characters will be recreated through the children’s Monsters Inc coloring pages in a lovely way.

Sullivan and Mike with Energy Tank

Mike Wazowski

Boo in the Monster Suit

Sullivan and Mike


If the children love the movie, then please color your Monsters Inc coloring pages to have extremely cute characters in your imagination. Let’s be creative and have fun together, name the characters and details from the movie to recall your memory, as well as tell your friends and parents about the meaningful lessons that your children have learned.


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