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Batman Coloring Pages: Legendary Batman

Collection of Batman coloring pages for boys and girls of all ages. Batman is a fictional superhero that appears in DC Comics’ American comic books. The character was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and debuted in Detective Comics #27. (1939). Originally known as “Batman,” the figure has also been referred to as The Captured Crusader, The Dark Knight, and The Greatest Detective. Free Batman coloring sheets to print for kids of all ages. We provide a large number of free Batman coloring sheets.

Who is Batman?

Batman – Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and screenwriter Bill Finger, first appearing in Detective Comics issue 27 (May 1939). Unlike other superheroes, Batman does not have any superpowers but fights crime based on his own fighting skills plus a variety of high-tech weapons and superior investigative skills.

As soon as he was born, Bat became one of DC’s most beloved characters, having his own title. But after only a decade, people started to get bored with Bat because the plot became too bright and ridiculous + there was no variation too sudden.

It was not until 1986 that efforts to bring the Batman plot back to the original dark atmosphere of DC were successful, typically with the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns series (there were only 2 movies last year) by Frank Miller.

In 1989, Tim Burton contributed to helping the public love Bats more with the second Batman movie in history (the first film was an adaptation of the 1966 TV series) with Michael Keaton as the Bat and Jack Nicholson as the Batman. as Joker (this is also one of the most impressive Joker images, many veteran fans still maintain the opinion that Nicholson’s Joker is better than Heath Ledger).

From here Batman officially became a legendary figure, included in countless other publications from movies, novels, radio shows, games, and so on.

Bruce Wayne is the only son of Thomas Martha Wayne. Wayne’s family is a famous family of billionaires in Gotham City, one of the richest cities in the United States. From a young age, boy Wayne was lovingly cared for by his parents and raised to become the heir to Wayne Corporation.

But rich Gotham also has its downside. The alienation in the police system has caused crime to flourish on the streets of the city. One day, after the Wayne family went to see the movie “Mask of Zorro”, the Wayne family was suddenly attacked by a bandit named Joe Chill.

He murdered Thomas and Martha in front of Bruce and fled. Bruce, then eight years old, suffered an incurable psychological shock that turned him into the later Batman.

Vows to wipe out the criminals who killed his parents. At the age of 14, Bruce left Gotham to wander the world in search of a way to fulfill his oath. He trained himself, studying martial arts as well as science and philosophy to the point of mastery.

At the age of 25, Bruce returned and started doing work. Claiming that “criminals are a bunch of superstitious and cowardly people”, Bruce sought to “disguise himself to frighten them to the extreme”. Just then, a bat suddenly flew into Wayne’s mansion in front of his witness. Realizing that this was the “dark, black and terrifying creature” he was looking for, Bruce put on a big bat suit and took the name, Batman.

Top 5 reasons why Batman becomes the most “bloody” character in American comics

1. Just being a mortal 

Strength is often not the criterion that determines popularity, because the vast majority of the most famous characters are ordinary people, not people who possess the ability to destroy the universe. It is because they are like us, with flesh and blood, feelings, and failures that we have a feeling of closeness. But Batman, although wearing a cape, “wears an iron helmet”, but is still an ordinary person.​

2. Symbol of justice

The imprint of Batman and Superman is the same, regardless of young or old, if you watch it a few times, it is easy to remember. The main imprint is like that, just looking at this imprint, they will remember you and your story. For Gotham City, Batman is the symbol of justice.​

3. Batman’s “Superpowers”

Batman’s most powerful “weapon” is none other than his brain. Batman’s brain is “fatal”, he thinks more than you, thinks more deeply than you, he has a wide vision and extremely high IQ. Bruce used and developed his brain to the limit.

4. Adaptive masters

No matter what enemy he encounters, how he operates in the environment, Bruce can quickly adapt to his opponents and circumstances, his knack for analyzing enemy weaknesses, changing attack patterns that make the enemy unstoppable. promptly returned. Regardless of whether he has been carefully prepared or is in a new battle, Batman is a top player.

5. Source

The story of the origin of Batman everyone knows, DC Comics wants to convey to readers one thing that a superhero is not a day of practice, it has to go through difficulties and overcome difficulties to become a superhero.

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Coloringpagesonly.Com have all Batman coloring pages, which are updated every day. Free Batman coloring sheets to download and print. Batman coloring pages are a fun method for kids of all ages to improve their thinking, creativity, focus, fine motor skills, and color identification. You may also invite your friends to play with the different collections of online games for girls and boys on this website. Have a good time!

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