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Take an assassination class with Nagisa Shiota with our Assassination Classroom Coloring Pages now.

Assassination Classroom is a 2015 Japanese school science fiction action comedy film directed by Eiichiro Hasumi and based on a manga series of the same name created by Yusei Matsui. Released in Japan on March 21, 2015. A sequel titled Assassination Classroom: Graduation was released in 2016.

Koro-sensei, a tentacled mutant creature that apparently is responsible for the Moon’s destruction. The students have to assassinate him before graduation using either a special knife or BB pellet, the time when he plans to destroy Earth, but at the same time also have to study both academic and assassination disciples from him.

With these coloring pages, you can imagine what goes on during this classroom assassination.

You can completely change the colors and expressions of the characters on the coloring page. Grab a crayon and help the Assassins Classroom characters develop unique colors that only you can create. Have fun!

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