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As you know, Princess Barbie is a nice Prince, you can meet her image through a movie, game...More she is the baby's idol. In the film, she helps her younger sister, Kelly, find inspiration to paint by telling her Rapunzel's story. Barbie appears at the beginning and end of the film, and she is voiced by Kelly Sheridan. More further, Barbie is a creative person, as shown by her storytelling and painting. She is warm and friendly, and she comforts Kelly and teaches her positive lessons, such as believing in herself. She has light skin, long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is tall and slender. Her outfit consists of a pink top with a denim jacket worn over it with rolled up sleeves. She wears denim pants and beige shoes. At our website, you will meet again Princess Barbie and her friends, you will choose nice colors to make coloring for each image here and get fun. You will get the comfortable time with your friends, your children, your relative,...Have fun!
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