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Moana Coloring Pages

Introducing the lovely Moana Coloring Pages

Moana is a great masterpiece of Disney when it comes to an excellent cartoon about nature and people. You will want to learn about the Moana coloring page.

If we used to see stories of talent, love, and power in Disney cartoons, now Moana will bring a “new light.” Moana is a story about nature and people. The film shows us that people can have a good life when the earth is green.

Because this cartoon is excellent and outstanding, children and adults greatly love them. We created and inspired the characters and stories. We present and bring Moana coloring pages for kids and adults to explore. Through coloring pages, we will learn about each character and their story. Here are the coloring pages of the characters from the Moana cartoon:

1. Princess Moana Printable Coloring Pages:

Because Moana is a girl born in the sea and forest, she has open-minded and liberal characteristics and personality. Moana’s clothes, hair, and skin color also show she is healthy. Moana has tan skin and long and slightly ruffled hair. Her outfit is mainly made of leather, shellfish, or sea snails.

The main story revolves around the girl Moana. In the story told by the grandmother: the demigod Maui was the one who stole the heart of the earth’s mother, Ta Fiti, making her angry; Ta Fiti made the world barren. Moana is the only daughter of the chief of the village – Tui. Since childhood, Moana has dreamed of exploring the ocean and the wide world.

However, everyone thinks that Moana is a girl; if there are adventures, it is risky. Moana loves life and nature, so she struggles to make her dream come true even if she is prevented from doing so. Through Moana color pages, we will see the image of a girl full of life and energy. Moana’s love of nature makes the world greener. You can follow the story and color Moana coloring pages!

2. Gramma Tala Coloring Pages:

Tala is Moana’s grandmother and the mother of Motunui’s village chief, Tui. Like her niece, she is a lover of nature and the world. Moana’s stories about nature, or their land, are hers. However, Tala is somewhat eccentric, thus being shunned by everyone. Tala’s stories inspire Moana’s determination to set out to find the heart of mother earth.

3. Tui and Sina from coloring pages Moana:

Tui is Moana’s father and Motunui’s leader. Sina is Moana’s mother. She is a loving daughter, constantly worried and protective of little Moana. Moana’s adventures, discoveries, and walks are kept secret by Sina. Tui is a strong father who loves his daughter but also fears she is in danger. Therefore, Tui always forbids my daughter from playing at the beach.

Children can discover new character images from these fun coloring pages. Have you seen these characters in the cartoon? You can be creative and show off your talents with Tui, Sina, and Moana color pages.

4. Maui from the Moana coloring page:

Maui is a boisterous demigod in legend. He is a daring hero and defender of humanity. Maui has a large body. He possesses great strength. He has an extensive and robust hook. Maui also has many tattoos on her body.

If you’ve visited the Moana color page, we hope you’ve also enjoyed the Maui coloring pages. These coloring pages are all part of the Moana coloring sheets collection. So, parents, please download many coloring pages and help children develop their talents!


Moana coloring pages have brought us a lot of different coloring pages and stories. End of the movie: Moana was the heroic girl when she returned a heart to the earth’s mother, Ta Fiti.

The world became beautiful and green again. The story brings a meaningful message when talking about the importance of nature to people. Our coloring pages are creative and quality products for children and adults who love Moana and her journey. Printable Disney coloring pages for kids of all ages: Alice in Wonderland, Frozen, and Encanto.

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