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Ninjago Coloring Pages

The Ninjago Coloring Page: Let’s have fun colors and drawings with quality coloring sheets

Have you ever explored Ninjago coloring pages? Coloring is an excellent activity if you want to relax and have fun. You can color the ninjas in different colors. You can also draw and decorate the picture with cute objects to be more vivid and attractive.

What is Ninjago?

Ninjago is an animated film based on the stories of ninjas and famous Lego-building toys. Legos are small blocks to arrange into a character, object, or animal you want. This favorite Danish toy is trendy and familiar to children. Not only children but also adults love Lego.

Ninjago is a cartoon consisting of images and effects made up of Lego. Cartoon characters in Ninjago are also drawn from puzzle pieces. It is the famous and favorite movie of children. Not only does it bring exciting stories, but the unique and unique images also attract children.

Ninjago revolves around six Ninja characters: Kai, Lloyd, Jay, Zane, Cole, and Nya. Sensei Wu trains them to fight against evil forces. Their mission is to protect the land of Ninjago. Evil forces include Skullkin, Stone Army, Serpentine, Ghost Warriors, Sky Pirates, Nindroids, Vermillion, and more.

Children can participate in coloring the fantastic characters in Ninjago & attractive Ninjago coloring pictures:


Lloyd is a young man with distinctive green eyes. He is both a high school and a Green Ninja – the leader of the ninja group quietly protecting the city. Lloyd is the son of Koko and Garmadon – a villain with a great plot to rule the world. Coloring Pages of Ninjago include pictures of the character Lloyd, so your child can choose these pictures if they like Lloyd!

Master Wu:

Master Wu is the ninja’s dedicated teacher and awakener of their hidden powers. Even though Master Wu is old, he can still bring much actual value to people. Master Wu is Lloyd’s teacher and uncle. Therefore, Garmadon is Master Wu’s biggest enemy in life. In addition to the young ninja, Master Wu is also loved by many people. Let’s choose a picture of this character from among the Lego Ninjago coloring pages!


Garmadon dreams of ruling the world and bringing terror to the city’s people. He was always trying to destroy everything. The townspeople were always terrified and ran away when they saw Garmadon. If you want to discover what this villain is like, you can choose from Garmadon coloring pages from Ninjago coloring pages.


Koko is Lloyd’s mother. An intelligent, strong, independent woman, Koko tries to raise Lloyd to be a good person so as not to be influenced by her husband. She is the only person in Ninjago City who is not afraid in the face of Garmadon. Although Koko deeply loves Garmadon, Garmadon’s ambition has made her leave him to care for and raise Lloyd as an adult. Koko appearing in the Ninjago coloring sheets is also very beautiful.


As a Fire Ninja, Kai is loyal and protective of his friends. He is Nya’s younger brother – a member of the group. Kai is very open-minded and full of enthusiasm. Please choose a picture of Kai to color him!


Nya is Kai’s older sister. Nya is the only female member of the ninja team with confidence and loyalty. Do you want to discover this unique character? Ninjago coloring sheets will allow you to color and create for Nya!


Zane is a pretty special guy because his body comprises part human and part robot. Because there are engines in his body, Zane is programmed by the system, but he is not a real robot. So he always insists to everyone that he is a normal teenager. Exploring Ninjago coloring pages and special color characters!


Carrying the role and powers of the Earth Ninja, Cole has a strong passion and interest in music. He couldn’t live without music. Therefore, the Cole controls machine can generate ultrasonic waves to knock down opponents but cannot break the windows of buildings or cars. He enjoyed listening to Master Wu play the flute.


Jay is an emotional person. Because he comes from a happy family, Jay always comforts and encourages Lloyd. He is kind and understands Lloyd’s lack of paternity. Please choose unique coloring pages about the character Jay to color and create vivid pictures! Conclusion: Ninjago coloring sheets are the best of both worlds: a mysterious ninja world and Lego games that help develop children’s creativity. Visit Coloringpagesonly.com to discover and download more Ninjago coloring pages! Discovering more coloring pages in Toys And Dolls: Zoobles, Pinwheel, and LOL OMG.
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