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Autism awareness and Passover coloring pages

Autism awareness and Passover coloring pages: Learning more knowledge is not limited to ways and methods.

Coloring pictures for children to practice skills from a young age will help children develop drawing and writing skills. At the same time, through coloring pictures, children can also learn to recognize colors. Since then, the baby’s visual development has been better. Many children love to color to develop their skills of using colors, but many children love coloring because each picture is a knowledge lesson. Let’s find out what lessons Autism awareness and Passover coloring pages will bring to children?

Autism awareness coloring pages: let’s join hands to love people more.

In 2007, the United Nations General Assembly designated April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day for the first time. Thereby raising people’s awareness about Autism; the need to help improve the lives of children and adults with disorders to live fuller and more meaningful lives. Autism is one of the syndromes of developmental disorders in children, affecting many aspects of a child’s development, but mainly: defects in social interaction and communication and unusual behaviors. The manifestations of Autism are pretty diverse and have different degrees, so there are children with mild diseases that are often detected late when they are in primary school. In contrast, there are children with severe conditions; typically, parents can catch and take them to the doctor as early as 12-18 months old.

Printable Autism Awareness coloring sheets

Causes of Autism are being studied as: physical brain damage, genetics (genes), and environmental and lifestyle factors; The consequences of Autism Syndrome are severe: It affects not only the child, the family but also society. If a child with Autism is detected and intervened early, there is a 30% chance of complete recovery; the remaining 70% of children generally develop well; there may be children who can communicate verbally or cannot communicate by words, but conscious behavior independent life. As for children with Autism who are not detected early, or detected early, but their families do not accept intervention and fall into a severe condition accompanied by mental retardation, it will later lead to mental disorders.

Early intervention for children with Autism is essential, intervening simultaneously in many different aspects, mainly Health and Education. In individual therapy (language problems and daily living skills training), an American behavioral intervention (ABA) program is commonly used, specifically designed for children with abnormal behavior often. In addition, it may be necessary to combine the use of certain medications in the treatment of children’s emotions and behaviors.

We have had more information about World Autism Awareness Day; what are the meanings and messages people want to reach? Parents should care, care, love, and share with their children. Children should have fun with friends. With meaningful messages, we hope that Autism awareness coloring sheets will be gifts that children color by themselves to give to each other. It is a beneficial coloring activity; we hope that the children can join their parents or friends in coloring beautiful pictures to convey meaningful messages. We can give the gift of coloring pictures to friends, parents, and family members. Autism awareness coloring pages include simple and meaningful pictures. Through Autism awareness coloring pages, children can practice their coloring skills, exercise their agility and flexibility while holding a pen, and express their creativity and concentration. Introducing children to colors and drawings is also an educational method that should be applied early to children at an early age. Hopefully, the meaningful coloring pictures expressing love will bring great spiritual value to children.

Puzzle Piece With Heart Autism

Bear Holding Autism Puzzle Heart

Passover coloring pages: what is the origin of Passover?

In the days of Jacob, the land they were living in, Canaan, fell into a famine. At this time, Egypt, with the alluvium of the Nile River, is a fertile place. The entire Israelite clan, with about 70 followers of Jacob, emigrated to Egypt and stayed at the invitation of the Egyptian Pharaoh. However, the Jews in Egypt developed so strongly that the Pharaohs turned their backs on them, exploiting them as enslaved people and ordering all their newborn sons to be killed to slow down the population growth Jewish. At this moment, Moses appeared. He was fortunate not to be killed when he was born and was found and adopted by an Egyptian princess. Then, in defense of his villagers, he killed an Egyptian soldier, so he had to leave the palace and hide, working as a shepherd in the Sinai desert. Here, Moses was met by God and given the responsibility to rescue the “selected people” chosen by God from slavery to the promised land, a good and spacious land flowing with milk and honey. The king of Egypt, of course, disapproving of Moses’ request that the Israelites be free to leave the ground, had to stay to subdue the king. God poured out terrible plagues on the land of Egypt one by one. However, after each plague, the king of Egypt still hardened his heart and refused to let the Israelites go. At this point, God announced the tenth and final plague, that He would slay all the firstborn. Parallel to this proclamation of the 10th plague, God told Moses to command all the Israelites to follow an essential instruction so that His chosen people would not suffer the same affliction as the Israelites in Egypt. God told the Jews to kill the sheep and then smear the sheep’s blood on the door, thus avoiding disaster. On the way, the pharaohs changed their minds and gave chase. When he reached the Red Sea, God blessed Moses, allowing the water to split in two for the Israelites to pass through. God brought back the sea to drown the Egyptian king’s army.

Printable Passover coloring sheets

Passover is celebrated as a reminder to each other and to teach future generations about the arduous escape from slavery in ancient Egypt.

Do the children find it helpful to learn new knowledge about holidays worldwide? Passover is a Jewish holiday, but as we learn about many holidays, we learn about many different cultures. To understand more about the activities and ceremonies performed on Passover day, we can explore together through the Passover coloring sheets. Passover coloring pages include Jewish meals, family activities when telling history, etc. We color and learn more knowledge; children can create colors for food or the people’s costumes. Children of all ages can color with their parents to practice color recognition and matching. Parents should support their children in learning to color so that children can maximize their creativity and learn a lot of knowledge. Each of our coloring pages provides skills for coloring activities and meaningful life lessons.

Free Passover

Happy Passover Sheets



Autism awareness and Passover coloring pages are very diverse and rich. Parents can choose the pictures their children like the most; they can color and give their creative pictures to friends or relatives. Each coloring picture has a special meaning. It is hoped that children will practice their skills and develop their knowledge.


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