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Hello Kitty Party Games

It's the time of a birthday party of your daughter, a meeting of families with small children, or simply a feast of new old girls. You want all parties to be perfect. But you have not yet thought how to hold the party, with any theme or games for the appropriate and the most fun with everyone. Okay, what do you think of a Hello Kitty theme party? Is that interesting? If you want to know, you can check out the following DIY Hello Kitty party games to add fun and friendship to your Hello Kitty party. These adorable games are kid tested for fun. We hope Hello Kitty parry games will get all the fans of Hello Kitty in the party mood.

Fun Hello Kitty party games: Sugar Cookie Crunch. 

As you know Hello Kitty loves baking cookies. So, in this game you will hang one sugar cookie from a string for each player. Tie the strings to the ceiling or something similar so that they are hanging in the air. Have the children eat the yummy treat blindfolded without using their hands. Award prizes to the child who can eat their entire cookie. If it breaks off and falls to the floor they are eliminated.

Hello Kitty Balloon Pop game: First you have to prepare the balloons with different colors, and the small letters will be placed into the balls. This is a fun game that requires players to pop pink, white and other colored balloons in the hopes of finding small letters (placed before blowing up the balloons on small sheets of paper).  The object of the game is to find the letters that spell out Hello Kitty first, each balloon should contain a letter.The player who first pops the balloons, collects the letters, and reveals they have all the letters is the winner. Reward the winner with a special party favor. Another way of playing the game is to spell out other characters from the cartoon. For example, have the players find the letter that spell Hello Kitty Princess with dark brown balloons etc.

Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty game: In this game, you will need to print out a picture or buy a poster of Hello Kitty. Create enough bows for each player. Make sure they are the same size as the bow on the poster or print. You can create the bows from construction paper, foam, or even print them from the computer.
Are you ready play this game? Once you are ready to play the game you’ll need to blindfold one child at a time, then place a piece of tape on the back of their bow. Next give them a few spins and point them in the direction of the poster. The child that sticks their bow closest to Kitty’s actual bow wins the game.

Who has Hello Kitty's Bow? This is also a very easy to play game and is quite interesting for many players. Start game: everyone sits in a circle. One player is chosen to play Hello Kitty. She must sit in the middle of the circle blindfolded. Next to Hello Kitty is her bow. One child must sneak up and take her bow, then all the children can switch places until Hello Kitty calls out. “ oh my, oh my, do you know? Which of you kitties have my bow? After she says this the child that has her bow makes a meow sound. Hello Kitty can either make a guess as who it was or she can ask them again. She can ask up to three times before taking her guess. If she guesses right, she gets to continue being Hello Kitty. If she guesses wrong the player who has the bow gets to play Hello Kitty next.

Hello Kitty's bows hunt game: Hide Hello Kitty's bows all throughout the playing area and let the children hunt them down. Offer a small piece of candy for everyone found. Or you can hide one Hello Kitty's bows and give the children clues to where the Hello Kitty's bows is located. When a player is getting close to it, they can meow faster and louder when the players are getting close to the hiding spot. Once they find the Hello Kitty's bows they can trade it in for a treasure.

Cookies race game: Hello Kitty favorite food is cookies pound cake. You can playing an other fun game with cookies. The game itself is very easy to play and guests of all ages should enjoy it. Spilt the players up into two team and line them up in a row.There should be bowls placed on both ends of the party area one side with cookies and one side with empty bowls. On go, the first player in each line grabs a handful of cookies and passes to the next player, who then passes to the next player and so forth. Most people will find that doing it fast is as important as not dropping the cookies. Every cookies dropped must be picked up. The winning team is the first team to move all of the cookies from one area to the other.

Find Hello Kitty twins: You can prepare the photographs of the Hello Kitty character, and some of the photos have some other details. Now, place pictures of Hello Kitty characters on the backs of each of the party guests. The object of the game is to find the player who has the same picture. To find out who they are the guests must ask yes and no questions to solve the mystery and find their twin. Award prizes for the winner is a Hello Kitty Princess doll for example. Have fun! 

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