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How to Draw Hello Kitty

In the early stages of a child, the color of the image is available which helps children to exercise familiarize with color, distinguish colors and express the ability to observe well. However, when your child is a little larger, helping young self-creativity to draw so an image is essential. For the first time, you can show children the instructions that can be found on the Internet by video or drawing tutorials on paper. 
Today, we want to give you and your children step-by-step drawing instructions below to learn how to draw Hello Kitty. Before entering the drawing you be prepared with the following instruments: pencils, paper drawings, eraser, colored pencils, wax colors, or watercolours…
Let's start learning drawing together: 

Step 1: Drawing basic shape of Hello Kitty's head: drawing a sideways oval on the top half of the paper. Just beneath this shape, draw a square with rounded corners. Draw the square slightly smaller than the head shape. This will be the basic shape for Hello Kitty's body.

Step 2: Drawing construction lines that will help you place Hello Kitty's features later on. Draw a vertical line that intersects the oval in half and a horizontal line that goes across it. The horizontal line should be a bit below the center. On the body shape, draw a vertical line about two-thirds to the right of the center and a horizontal line below the center of the shape. 

Step 3: Drawing Hello Kitty's ears. Above Hello Kitty's head and on either side of the vertical line, draw two small triangles. 

Step 4: Drawing Hello Kitty's arms. For Hello Kitty's arms draw an oval on the upper left side of the body shape. The oval should angle up slightly to the right, and the top right of the arm should graze her head shape. On the upper right side of her body shape, draw another oval of similar size and angle. When drawing this oval, place it higher, and it should also graze the head shape.

Step 5: Drawing basic shape of Hello Kitty's bow. On the upper right side of Hello Kitty's head and right below her ear, draw a small circle. On either side of the circle, draw two small triangles that point in toward the middle of the small circle. 

Step 6: Start by tightening the shape of Hello Kitty's bow. Darken in the circle first, then round the triangle shapes. Do not draw in the points of the triangle that overlap with the small circle. Draw two C-shaped curves that touch the small circle inside each of the triangles.

Step 7: Darken in Hello Kitty's head, making sure to round her ears so they won't be so pointy

Step 8: Drawing Hello Kitty's eyes: Now draw two ovals right on the horizontal construction line on either side of the vertical construction line. Shade these ovals in. When drawing the eyes, make sure that each eye is centered between the vertical construction line and the outside of the circle. These complete Hello Kitty's eyes.

Step 9: Drawing Hello Kitty's nose: below the horizontal construction line, right on the vertical construction line, draw a sideways oval that is of similar size to Hello Kitty's eyes. Don't shade this one in. Using quick strokes, draw three lines on either side of her face to represent her whiskers.

Step 10: Drawing Hello Kitty's right arm, draw a line across the middle of the oval to represent her sleeve. Then darken in the shape making sure to draw a small bump just below the bottom right of her sleeve to represent her thumb.

Step 11: Drawing Hello Kitty's body. Drawing a U-shaped arc below her head to represent her neckline. Darken in the horizontal construction line and the rest of her body. When drawing the right side of her body, taper it in toward her head more than the original square shape. Draw a small line just to the left of the vertical line to indicate where Hello Kitty's legs come together.


Step 12: Draw Hello Kitty's feet: You can draw her feet by using the body shape and vertical line as a guide. Draw her left foot bigger than her right one because she's standing sideways.


Step 13: Drawing Hello Kitty's left arm. Tighten Hello Kitty's left hand by adding a line in the middle of the oval. When you darken in the rest of the circle, make sure you don't darken the parts that overlap her head or body.

Step 14: Ok, It is possible to say, now you've got a nice sketch of Hello Kitty. But, for a more finished, inked look, carefully draw over the final sketch lines with a pen or marker. Wait for the ink to dry, and then get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser. You now have a finished inked drawing of Hello Kitty! You can stop here or go to the final step to complete your Hello Kitty.

Step 15 (Final Step): Let's color for Hello Kitty drawing. You can use markers, color pencils or even crayons to color it. This coloring page is an easy cartoon character to color. You can color her bow and overalls red, her nose yellow and her shirt pink. Don't color in her face. You can actually color Hello Kitty's clothes any color you want, but make sure you keep her nose yellow and her face white. That's it! You now have a completed drawing of Hello Kitty. Have fun and enjoy it! 



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