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Simpsons Coloring Pages: Not Just a Cartoon

Simpsons coloring pages include pictures of the Simpsons family, one of the world’s most famous cartoon families; with all sorts of issues, they have to address problems with four kids, notably a naughty youngster named Bart. The Simpsons is an American animated comedy series that follows the life of the Simpsons family in Springfield. The family’s special style of humor entertains both youngsters and adults.

What is “The Simpsons”?

The Simpsons (The Simpsons) is a popular American animated comedy television series, one of the longest-running programs, beginning December 17, 1989, on the Fox television system. Network so far. To date, the show has over 650 episodes.

Although an animated show, it satirizes many aspects of life, especially the working and middle-class lifestyles in America, American culture, and American society in general. It has been shown in many countries around the world in many languages and is considered one of the most important and influential US pop culture exports.

The main characters:

The show’s stories often revolve around a working-class family with the last name Simpson: parents, three children, and pets. The main characters are:

Homer Simpson: the father of the family, about 36 years old, works as a safety inspector at a nuclear power plant. He loves his wife and children but is too stupid, sending him and his family on many unimaginable adventures.

Marge Simpson: mother, housewife. She is an intelligent woman who follows the stereotype of the traditional roles of wife and mother.

Bart Simpson: eldest son, 10 years old, 4th grader. Naughty personality, often harassing parents and sister Lisa and teachers at school.

Lisa Simpson: second child, 8 years old, 2nd grader. Good at school, wiser than other kids of the same age, but has little chance to show off her talent. Although very smart, Lisa still has the same preferences as girls of the same age as dolls. Lisa often has different ideas from other family members (vegetarian, Buddhist, etc.).

Maggie Simpson: youngest daughter, unable to speak, possibly a prodigy.

Also, the show has a lot of supporting characters, such as the elementary school teachers Bart and Lisa attend, Homer’s colleagues, government officials, the family’s neighbors, and the family’s relatives. , etc Many characters are sometimes voiced by famous people such as singers, athletes, scientists, actors, politicians, etc.

The story:

One of the most satirical subjects in The Simpsons is the people in power. This prompted some social conservatives to criticize the show in its early years. Most of the show’s ruling figures are portrayed badly: Homer has no sense of responsibility, in contrast to the father figure in traditional TV shows. Sheriff Clancy Wiggum is fat, lazy and corrupt, with no respect for the rights of those arrested. Mayor Quimby is also corrupt, playing lavishly with women.

Seymour Skinner, the principal of Springfield Elementary School, is timid, living with his mother (in American society, very few men over the age of 30 live with their families). He is a Vietnam War veteran, often with many memories of his time in Vietnam. Bishop Lovejoy, the pastor at the local church, loves to criticize others. While the characters above are just incompetent, not malicious, there is one character that is considered truly evil: Montgomery Burns, owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and Homer’s boss.

However, in recent years many conservatives have praised the program. One of the reasons is that the show is promoting the traditional family (nuclear family – parents and children living in one house) while other shows are showing non-traditional families (divorced parents, or have no children). While the show does deal with adultery, it doesn’t happen in the Simpsons family, and by the end of each episode, Homer and Marge’s love affair deepens. Spiritually, God has incarnated a few times and intervened in the characters’ affairs, and his neighbor Ned Flanders is seen as an exemplary religious man.

Why this cartoon is so attractive to all ages?

The attraction of the film comes from every single scene. People often tend to like to watch, laugh about people and things that are weaker than themselves, and take it as fun for themselves and that’s what the film brings through its mediocre characters. Like Homer with the bald head, in season 15 of season 2 – “Simpson and Delilah”, you will know to appreciate your hair more when you see the life of the Simpson family go up and down when Homer goes to great lengths to get the set. seductive hair.

Or Bart with his trademark antics, insane decisions – how much would you pay your attorney for $100,000 in damages??? Bart is Bart paying $900,500 (season 12 of season 6 – “Round Springfield”)- Do you think such bonuses are real?

After that, the ending is always true values, Homer doesn’t need hair to make his family happier and Bart doesn’t need $100,000 to make his sister happy.

We always rush after the numbers, the flashy things ahead but forget the family launchpad, we always think that we have to own a lot of zeros in the account to have a happy family, a new lover next to us, . ..  Is not!! Everything is always with us, just turn around. And sometimes you should not laugh at anyone, no matter how weak they are.

Not only that, not only with simple stories following a piercing motif, but The Simpsons has had so much success (now season 30) and left a lot of impressions in the hearts of the audience fake.

Some Simpsons coloring pages help you better understand the characters of the movie:

Simpsons Family Fight coloring pages

Simpsons Family Fight coloring pages

Upset Bart coloring pages

Upset Bart coloring pages

Homer And Maggie coloring pages

Homer And Maggie coloring pages

Bart On Skateboard coloring pages

Bart On Skateboard coloring pages

Simpsons coloring page

Simpsons coloring page Bart And Lisa coloring pages

Bart And Lisa coloring pages


The Simpsons coloring pages include all of the characters from the show, including Bart, Marge, Maggie, Lisa, the grumpy Grandpa Abraham, the spunky Sheriff Wiggum, and the family patriarch, Homer Simpson. Coloring activities based on colorful characters with a variety of visuals will appeal to children. Parents, please start a collection for your child, and allow them to have pleasure in unleashing their creativity and creating the most beautiful pieces of art with vibrant colors. Have a good time!


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