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Last Updated: September 25, 2023

In this article, we will introduce a collection of Jack O’ Lantern coloring pages that are free to download and print for all ages. Jack O’ Lanterns are a popular Halloween decoration. They are often carved with faces but can also be engraved with other designs, such as animals, ghosts, or witches. Jack o’ Lanterns are usually placed on porches or windows to ward off evil spirits and welcome trick-or-treaters. With your child, turn off the lights, light a candle, and use coloring tools for an exhilarating experience this upcoming Halloween.

Jack O’ Lantern Becoming The Symbol of Halloween

Jack-o’ lanterns became famous as a Halloween symbol in the late 19th century. They often appeared in cartoons and newspaper illustrations and were used in Halloween parades and festivals. By the early 20th century, Jack o’ lantern had become the most iconic symbol of Halloween.

There are many reasons for this. First, their orange color and spooky faces are visually appealing and make them fun and festive decorations. Second, they are tied to the Irish folk tale of Stingy Jack, a famous Halloween story. Third, jack-o’ lanterns are relatively easy to make, making them a popular activity for people of all ages.

The carving Jack o’ lantern tradition originated in Ireland and Scotland, where people carved turnips, beets, and potatoes into lanterns to ward off evil spirits on New Year’s Eve. When Irish immigrants came to America, they brought this tradition with them, but they found that pumpkins were more abundant and easier to carve.

Today, Jack o’ lanterns decorate homes, businesses, and schools for Halloween. They are also carved and displayed at Halloween parties and events. They have also become a popular theme for Halloween costumes and decorations. In addition to being a popular Halloween symbol, jack-o’ lanterns are associated with other fall traditions, such as pumpkin carving contests and pie baking. They are a fun and festive way to celebrate fall and Halloween.

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Top Best Jack O’ Lantern Coloring Pages

We created a range of Jack O’ Lantern styles and topics appropriate for all ages and ability levels for this collection of pictures. There are easy, vibrant Jack o’ lanterns for children, hauntingly realistic carvings, amiable and menacing faces, Jack O’ Lanterns with frightful ghosts, and many ones incorporated with other traditional Halloween festivities factors. When choosing Jack O’ Lantern coloring pages for your children, it is essential to consider their age and skill level. It would be best to select pages your child will enjoy coloring. For example, if your child loves animals, you can like Jack o’ Lantern coloring pages with animal designs. Some young children should choose images with simple details. You can also suggest we create coloring pages to your child’s liking by commenting on our Pinterest or Facebook.

Jack O’Lantern Coloring Pages To Print

The first image in our Jack O’ Lantern coloring pages shows scary pumpkins. In the middle of the page is a towering figure of three Jack o’ lanterns stacked on each other. These Jack O’Lanterns are intricately carved to create the illusion of a scary ghost. The spooky figure is adorned with a witch’s hat on his head to complete the look. Surrounding them are many jack-o’ lanterns, each uniquely carved with ghostly faces. For coloring, you can use shades like dark orange and yellow for the Jack O’ Lantern and dark, shadowy colors to let the ghost show off its spookiness. A witch’s hat can be heavily detailed in dark purple and black to create a sense of mystery.

Jack O' Lantern Coloring Pages To Print

Jack O’Lantern Coloring Pages To Print

Girl Holding Jack O’ Lantern

For this page, imagine a cute and creative Halloween scene with a little girl wearing a witch’s hat. The girl has a lovely face with sparkling eyes and a beautiful smile. The little girl clutched two Jack o’ lanterns in her hands. These Jack o’ lanterns have adorable and friendly faces. The little girl seems to be preparing for a fun Halloween journey. You can suggest that children use bright and cheerful colors for pumpkin lanterns. For example, orange and green for the pumpkin’s body. The color of the witch’s hat and the girl’s dress can be made according to the child’s preferences.

Girl Holding Jack O' Lantern Coloring Page

Girl Holding Jack O’ Lantern Coloring Page

Gnome And Jack O’Lantern

Children will enjoy this next coloring page. They will meet images of a friendly gnome in fairy tales. The gnome has a mischievous expression and wears a pointed beanie on his head. The gnome was surrounded by several Jack o’ lanterns. Each is carved with its own unique and expressive face. For this page, you can choose warm orange and yellow colors for the vibrant interior of the Jack o’ lantern. The gnome’s outfit can be detailed in earthy tones. You can use dark blue and purple to capture the nighttime atmosphere.

Gnome And Jack O' Lantern Coloring Page

Gnome And Jack O’ Lantern Coloring Page

Cute Jack O’ Lanterns

We have a fun Halloween image to color in this Jack o’ lantern coloring sheet. In the middle of the page are three jack-o-lanterns, each creatively carved and decorated to resemble adorable cats. A cat is stretching its body above the lantern in the middle. Meanwhile, another cat lies leisurely on the lantern next to it. Around the pumpkin cats, Halloween night comes alive. A tall, spindly tree, its branches reaching out like bony fingers against the sky. The sky was filled with twinkling stars, and the full moon cast an eerie light over the scene. A flock of bats flew across the moonlit sky, adding to the mysterious atmosphere.

Cute Jack O' Lantern Coloring Page

Cute Jack O’ Lantern Coloring Page

Free Jack O’ Lantern

We have a pumpkin duo for this next Jack o’ lantern coloring page. Both have happy faces and big round eyes that shine friendly. They have green leafy stems, which add charm and a finishing touch. You can use bright orange and yellow colors for the pumpkin lantern. Faces can be detailed in soft, friendly colors. At the same time, the green leaf stems can be colored with various shades of green to evoke the freshness of autumn.

Free Jack O' Lantern Coloring Pages

Free Jack O’ Lantern Coloring Pages


If you want a fun and festive activity for your child to enjoy this Halloween, consider giving them some Jack O’ Lantern coloring pages. Our collection comes in a variety of designs, from simple to complex. Some coloring pages have simple jack-o’-lantern faces, while others have more intricate designs, such as jack-o’-lanterns with hats, costumes, or animals. There are also coloring pages that feature multiple jack-o’-lanterns in one scene, such as a jack-o’ lantern patch or a Halloween party. After choosing your favorite coloring page, you can share it on Pinterest or our Facebook page to inspire others to color it.

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