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Jack O' Lantern Coloring Pages

Jack O’ Lantern Coloring Pages feature images of a carved pumpkin associated with Halloween.

The pumpkins carved with ghostly faces lit with candles inside are also symbols of Halloween. Making “Jack O’ Lantern” pumpkin lights on Halloween has been around for centuries. This story comes from an Irish story about a man nicknamed “Mirror Jack.”

Jack O’ Lantern lights are considered an annual tradition during Halloween. The name Jack O’ Lantern is also associated with the Irish legend of Stingy Jack, a drunkard who bargained with Satan and was doomed to roam the Earth with only a hollow turnip to light his way.

In October every year, on Halloween in the US or many other countries worldwide, pumpkins are placed at the gate and front doorstep according to the custom.

The pumpkins are carved with images of ghostly faces lit by candles. Do you want to color these unique pumpkins, especially the Jack O’ Lantern lights? Explore the Jack O’ Lantern coloring pages and download or print your favorite coloring pages. Color in the craziest ways you want to show off. This madness is perfect for a spooky and awesome Halloween night. Have fun!

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