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Simpsons coloring pages have many pictures of the Simpsons family, which many people know in the world; with all sorts of troubles going on, they have to solve problems with four kids, especially a mischievous kid named Bart. 
The Simpsons is an American animated comedy series about the life of the Simpsons family in a town called Springfield. A Simpsons coloring page includes many characters in cartoons: Bart, Marge, Homer Simpson, Maggie, Lisa, and many other characters. Their very distinctive sense of humor entertains children and adults alike. To know more about the characters in the animated film Simpsons and the main content of this movie, you need to Click Here; after reading the article, you will also understand why this movie is so attractive and attracts children like that. Parents and children can learn about this cartoon in "Rugrats and The Simpsons coloring pages: learn the distinct colors of cartoons of the family we should know." Children will enjoy coloring activities based on fun characters with many different pictures. Parents, please create a collection for your children, and let them have fun unleashing their creativity, using bright colors to make the most beautiful art pictures!
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