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Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

Last Updated: July 26, 2023

Collection of over 800 free printable Hello Kitty coloring pages for kids and teens of all ages! Hello Kitty is a beloved character that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Created by the Japanese company Sanrio, Hello Kitty debuted in 1974 and has become a cultural icon. With her cute and lovable appearance, Hello Kitty has become a favorite among children and adults. The popularity of this character has led to a massive demand from our users for Hello Kitty coloring pages that you can print for free. 

Who Is Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty also known as Kitty White, is a fictional character designed by the Japanese company Sanrio. Its “mother” is the designer Yuko Shimizu. This cat is drawn from a Japanese female cat with a pink bow on her head. The first Hello Kitty image appeared in 1974.

Sanrio introduced it with a fictional biography: born in suburban London (England), weighs three apples, loves red, plays the piano and bakes cookies, has a twin sister named Mimmy and a boyfriend named Dear Daniel. Later, there were many rumors about why Yuko Shimizu created Hello Kitty, but this artist was never confirmed.

Hello Kitty is a bright, kind, cheerful, and “love heart” girl. She lives in London with her mother, father, and twin sister. In addition to her baking hobby, Kitty White loves traveling, listening to music, reading books, and eating cookies. Also, with a kind, cheerful and friendly heart, she makes friends everywhere. Many people often wonder if Kitty is an emotionless girl because she has no mouth. To answer this question, Yuko Shimizu explained that not drawing Kitty’s mouth is so that people can imagine her mouth according to people’s mood. 

The character of Hello Kitty has transcended generations and cultures, appealing to people of all ages. She has been featured in various forms of media, including animated television shows, movies, and merchandise. Hello Kitty has become a symbol of cuteness and positivity, spreading joy and happiness wherever she goes.

Now that you know all about her, it’s time to hand out some cute Hello Kitty coloring sheets to your little girl. Also, we thought it would be fun if you shared the above with her and surprised her!

Why Are Hello Kitty Coloring Pages Popular?

Unlike many legendary cartoon characters like Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Doraemon, Pikachu,… Hello, Kitty does not “step out” from any series or movie but is purely a commercial project. However, its popularity and influence are still immense, even today, even though it was born over four decades ago.

Hello Kitty is famous in Japan and later spread to Asia and the West. Today, almost 50 years later, it has become an all-too-familiar symbol. Hello Kitty is the main character at 2 of Japan’s Sanrio theme parks and even flew into space aboard the Hodoyoshi 3 nanosatellite in June 2019.

In particular, Sunblink and Sanrio have just announced that the new mobile game Hello Kitty Island Adventure will officially be released exclusively on the Apple Arcade platform on July 28, 2023. This makes this character even more famous for game enthusiasts around the world.

Hello Kitty is also so popular because of its adaptability to the times. Instead of sticking to just the original standard design, Kitty is constantly being innovated, changing according to customers’ tastes. Kitty can have thousands of different bows, dresses, and bags. The variety, not boring, comprehensive image coverage has helped this simple cat become a close friend of every home.

Besides, after nearly 50 years of existence on the market, Hello Kitty retains its charm thanks to its reflective element. When seeing this cat, adults are reminded of their childhood and will not hesitate to spend money to buy a souvenir.

Hello Kitty’s popularity extends beyond any particular age group, gender, or cultural boundaries. This character’s charm and innocence resonate with people worldwide, making Hello Kitty coloring sheets appealing to a broad audience. Coloring pages provide a creative outlet for kids and adults. They allow individuals to engage in a calming and enjoyable activity that stimulates their imagination and artistic skills. 

Top Best Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

Here are our top Hello Kitty coloring sheets to print for your kids to play with. Your child will love coloring these pages as well as watching the fantasy world of Kitty White. To start, click on any images or links below to open the PDF coloring page in a new tab. From there, you can download, print, or even color digitally on your phone, computer, or tablet.

Hello Kitty Plane

This adorable character is ready for a fun day in this Hello Kitty coloring sheet! It looks like she’s having an adventure on the plane. The design includes clouds, sky, tall buildings below, and trees. In the middle of the page is a cute airplane, and Hello is sitting inside with Hello Kitty’s face smiling. This character wears a luxurious crown. The plane has wings on the sides decorated with this funny character’s signature heart shape. Coloring pages provide ample space for creativity, allowing individuals to choose their favorite colors to bring the scene to life. Children and Hello Kitty fans can use their imagination to color the plane, Hello Kitty costume, sky, and other details, making the coloring page come alive and personal chemical. 

Hello Kitty Plane Coloring Page

Hello Kitty Plane Coloring Page

Hello Kitty Cupcake

A coloring page may depict Hello Kitty and a delicious cupcake in a delightful and sweet scene. At the center of the page is a large cupcake with frosting and decorations. The cupcake may have Hello Kitty-themed elements, such as Hello Kitty’s face or bow, incorporated into the design. The frosting on the cupcake can be in various colors, inviting creativity in choosing different shades for each section. Inside the cupcake, there’s Hello Kitty’s adorable face. Coloring pages provide space for imagination and creativity, allowing individuals to choose their favorite colors to bring cupcakes and Hello Kitty to life. They can experiment with different color combinations for cupcake coating.

Hello Kitty Cupcake Coloring PageHello Kitty Cupcake Coloring Page

Happy Birthday Princess Hello Kitty 

In this enchanting coloring page, you will see Hello Kitty dressed up as a beautiful princess, ready to celebrate her special day. Hello Kitty is wearing a gorgeous princess dress with layers of frills and a glittery tiara. She holds a rose in her hand. Around Hello Kitty, there are many dandelions and glittering symbols. For coloring, use light and soft colors for Hello Kitty’s cape. You can use brighter colors for the decorations to make them stand out. Add a little sparkle to her crown to make it look more special.

Happy Birthday Princess Hello Kitty Coloring Page

Happy Birthday Princess Hello Kitty Coloring Page

Hello Kitty Umbrella

In this adorable coloring page, Hello Kitty stands under a cute umbrella, enjoying a rainy day with two friendly frogs as her companions. Hello Kitty is wearing her signature red bow on her left ear and a cheerful smile. She is holding a pretty umbrella above her to protect herself from the raindrops, and you can add some raindrops falling around her to set the scene. Next to Hello Kitty, two adorable frogs hopping around in the rain. They have big, expressive eyes and smiles, just like Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Umbrella Coloring PageHello Kitty Umbrella Coloring Page

Ho To Draw Hello Kitty

Our website offers free video tutorials on How To Draw Hello Kitty. These instructions are easy to follow and are designed for children of all ages and skill levels. Our talented artists provide step-by-step instructions to help your child improve their drawing skills while having fun. You’ll start with Hello Kitty’s iconic bow, then draw the pointed ear and large oval for the head. Next, you add facial features and draw three whiskers on each side of Hello Kitty’s nose. These are simple short lines that extend outward. Draw a slightly curved line below Hello Kitty’s head for the body. You draw two short lines for her arms on each side of her body. In terms of colors, you can follow the instructions on how to paint in the video below or create your unique artwork.


A robotic cat without a mouth has been a close friend of many generations of girls. What’s even more remarkable is that even adults love Hello Kitty. It is somewhat considered a symbol of femininity and cuteness. With these free Hello Kitty coloring pages, you can create fun activities to entertain your kids. Many things will surprise you about Hello Kitty. Let’s choose, download and print fun pictures immediately so your kids can have creative fun! You can discover more lovely Sanrio characters like Tuxedo Sam or Kuromi.

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