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Last Updated: December 12, 2023

Prepare lots of colored pencils and get ready to explore 74 My Melody Coloring Pages with us right now! Children will be amazed and delighted by these cute, funny coloring pages. My Melody is a familiar character of Sanrio. She often appears at events with Hello Kitty. With the appearance of a small white rabbit with pink ears, My Melody has left a beautiful and cute impression on many people, especially children.

Here, we will have the opportunity to color and create the most special My Melody coloring pictures. We drew and portrayed her lovely, funny, and cute moments through fun activities. You can choose all the coloring pages you like then download and print them. We’ll have a collection of My Melody coloring sheets to explore and create. These free coloring pages come in standard sizes to fit your drawing papers.

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The 5 Most Creative Activities We Should Do With My Melody Sanrio Coloring Pages

For your kid’s coloring activity to take place in a fun and bustling atmosphere, parents and friends can join in coloring with your baby. This creative activity can be held at school or home. That is a way to connect your baby’s relationships and develop the necessary skills for them. Let us suggest some activities that we can combine with coloring!

My Melody Paper Dolls:

First, kids will participate in drawing and coloring My Melody pictures. They can use colors according to personal preferences and reflect the character’s unique personality. Once the picture has been colored, kids will cut out individual parts such as My Melody’s shirt, pants, and head. This process helps develop cutting skills and enhances children’s ability to concentrate.

Kids can use sheets of hard paper or cardboard to paste those drawings. Doing so will create stiffness for the picture we just cut. Or your child can paste those images onto other objects to create the shape of the doll.

The result is that kids will have a unique My Melody paper doll to change into their desired outfit. That encourages creativity and imagination and helps children develop manual skills and color discrimination.

Make Your Own My Melody Calendar:

Kids will be asked to color and decorate a calendar with My Melody drawings. Not only does this help children express their creativity, but it also creates a personal work of art. Kids can choose a calendar coloring page, then color My Melody, cut and paste fun images, and paste them on the calendar.

Kids will add important events to their calendars as they wish. It could be a birthday, anniversary, or other special event in the child’s life. Children will have the opportunity to be creative and design calendars according to their preferences. Kids can also give this gift to their beloved relatives or friends.

This process is not only a fun way for children to participate in organizing their time, but it also helps them develop time management and planning abilities. Adding essential events to the calendar also encourages kids to remember and appreciate special moments in daily life.

My Melody Origami:

Kids who love crafts will surely know about Origami. That is a simple way of folding paper to create objects and animals with different shapes. They often use things made from Origami to decorate rooms and play areas. We can easily see stars, cranes, flowers, and other items made from Origami. And now we can create My Melody with Origami.

Kids will be guided to make simple origami shapes, such as the shapes of My Melody, flowers, or stars. The paper folding process helps children develop concentration and agility skills and boost their manual abilities.

After completing their origami creations, kids can create a display board to display their homemade products. This display board is a space for kids to express their creativity and take pride in their artistic achievements.

Combining My Melody with Origami creates a creative experience and a unique art space where children can express their passion and love for this character.

Create a My Melody Gift Box:

Kids will color and decorate gift boxes with My Melody drawings according to their preferences. Children can choose My Melody coloring pictures to be creative, add colors, draw lovely flowers and patterns, and then collage them onto the gift box.

Once the gift box has been decorated, kids can store small items or as gifts for friends and family. A gift box decorated with the child’s hands is a way to keep small things neat and a gift with sentimental value.

My Melody Bookmarks:

To create a My Melody Bookmark from a coloring page, you can start by coloring the My Melody page according to your preferences. Once completed, cut the coloring page into a square or rectangle of the desired size. Next, prepare a piece of hard card or cardstock paper of the same size as the background for the bookmark.

Attach the My Melody coloring page to the card using glue or double-sided tape. You can add details and decorations with pens, colors, stickers, or other decorative materials to make your bookmark unique and reflect your personality. If you want to protect your bookmark and make it more durable, you can also laminate it with a laminate machine or wrap it in a layer of transparent adhesive.

Finally, place your DIY in any book you read for an adorable and fun accessory. You can add your name and creation date to make it a unique gift. You’ll surely enjoy this handmade project’s creative process and final result!

Do you find our suggestions helpful and exciting for kids of all ages? Try it out and let us know what your baby gets through these creative activities. In the process of having fun and learning, if you have more interesting creative activities, don’t hesitate to share with everyone! Parents will always be interested and excited to listen to shares and experiences in their children’s development. Create a world of vivid colors for kids with diverse coloring pages and new themes. Parents should encourage children to freely express their talents and coloring works on Facebook and Pinterest so everyone can evaluate, praise, and learn more!

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