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Gudetama coloring pages are interesting images of Gudetama sloth egg, a favorite character of 2013.

If Hello Kitty once created a fever in the 20th century, then Gudetama is the “Hello Kitty” of the millennial generation (even Gen Z) in the 21st century “muddy” of today’s youth.

Gudetama is an egg yolk with a butt, a character with limbs but no fingers or toes. Gudetama has a mouth but no teeth, thighs but no joints, a head but no neck. Gudetama’s eyes look like two sesame seeds. Gudetama has no specific gender.

You can mistake The Gudetama sloth egg for a yellow pea, a corn kernel, or a drop of honey that is not eye-catching.

Gudetama is Sanrio’s most famous character, Gudetama looks like an unfinished character design, but people can’t stop loving it.

Every new day is an opportunity for Gudetama to experience life at its lowest level, and what makes it happiest is doing nothing.

It’s strange how a lazy egg can attract such wide popularity, an image of a raw chicken egg that is always sluggish and bored with everything. Letting the kids color this chicken egg is a great option. Please help your child collect our most unique Gudetama coloring sheets below.

This personified egg is the junior of a series of cute characters such as Hello Kitty, Keroppi green frog, and Tuxedo Sam penguin. If you love characters from the Sanrio universe, explore Hello Kitty coloring pages, Keroppi coloring pages, Tuxedo Sam coloring pages, Cinnamoroll coloring pages, Little Twin Stars coloring pages, and more at Sanrio coloring pages.

Let the kids freely explore and express their creativity now. Have fun!

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