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Papyrus, do you know this character? This is a Papyrus Coloring Pages that you can download and print for free. Papyrus, also known as Great Papyrus, is a skeleton and brother of Sans. Initially, Papyrus wanted to capture Frisk in his first appearance, but if they forgive him, they will become friends. Papyrus made his home in the city of Snowdin. He will return to Deltarune. Papyrus is a tall, perhaps anatomically incorrect skeleton with a straighter and more geometrically structured skull (in contrast to his brother's more rounded skull). His mouth is mostly smile-shaped, and his eyes have no pupils, like vertical slits, with his expression mostly formed by bony fake eyebrows. Papyrus is eccentric, irritable, childish, conceited, naive, withdrawn, but kind, and seems to have an ego at first. Papyrus is a skeleton. As a monster, Papyrus has the ability to manipulate the souls of others. Papyrus can create bones, and he can manipulate and craft them. If you want to discover more new coloring pages, visit Coloringpagesonly.com to immerse yourself in exciting coloring pages.
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