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Welcome to Shopkins coloring pages, where you can meet your favorite Shopkins characters and color with them. Shopkins was launched in 2014 by Moose Toys; they are a range of tiny and collectible toys. Shopkins was produced for little girls. However, it attracts both girls and boys. Shopkins are created and based on grocery store items such as a chocolate bar, a chocolate chip cookie, and a sweet apple. Shopkins are made from plastic; each has a unique face and name. Shopkins products are tiny and have 1-inch height and 1-inch width; you can bring them anywhere. They are wrapped in bright-colored packaging.  There are millions of Shopkins in the world. More than 600 million Shopkins characters are sold in the U.S. All kids are excited and eager to have Shopkins on their hands; therefore, their parents hunt to buy these coveted toys.  This time we offer a new Shopkins category for you. We are sure everyone likes Shopkins; we make Shopkins coloring pages for kids and adults. Every day, we update new coloring pages for kids. Children come and choose their favorite coloring pages from our coloring pages category. We offer a wide variety of Shopkins coloring pages that you can download, print, or play online. Shopkins coloring pages are fun for children of all ages to develop creativity, thinking, concentration, patience, and color recognition. Children can also share these coloring sheets with all their friends to color together. You can learn more about Shopkins and understand why Shopkins is so popular worldwide at "Shopkins Coloring Pages: the Joy of Tiny Playful Toys." Let's join in coloring activities with us!
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