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Astro Boy Coloring Pages

is a robot male with human emotions created by Umataro Tenma. Tenma created
Astro in the image of his deceased son Tobio Tenma. Although a robot Astro
was intended to look indistinguishable from a human being as he was designed to
resemble Tobio Tenma. He was given many of the similar distinguishing
attributes, his large innocent eyes, jet-black spiky hair and light skin tone.
His hair has two spikes one on the the left of his head pointing directly
upwards and the other on the right side just above his ear pointing out to the
side, and a widow’s peak. Since Astro is a robot and does not function like a
biological being, the height of his body, his weight, and the length of his
hair never change. Astro now has a green shirt with light blue highlights,
green eyes, and black pants that connect with his red boots.Play for free Astro Boy coloring games at coloringpagesonly.com to explorer more characters in Astro Boy Animation Film. This webpage is for your kids. Please offer them to your family and friends. The coloring pages will help your kids to focus on details while being relax and comfortable. Anyway, don’t forget to visit our webpage to update more new and fresh pictures everyday. You can Download, Print and Play them Online with interactive color machine. Thanks all and Enjoy it!

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