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Last Updated: December 28, 2023

Enter the magical and wonderful world of beautiful horses through My Little Pony Coloring Pages. You will excite and create intelligent, talented, and sparkling girls. All coloring pages are free and for you. Let’s enjoy the joy that colors bring with your baby!

My Little Pony is a world of ponies. Each character will have a different characteristic and talent. If Twilight Sparkle is a beautiful, intelligent girl who is good at leadership roles, then Rainbow Dash is a loyal centaur. Fluttershy is a gentle, shy, active girl who loves animals. Rarity symbolizes generosity and kindness. There are many more great characters that we can explore in this collection.

To select and download any coloring pages in our collection, click the link, download them to your device, and print them. These free coloring pages come in standard sizes to fit your drawing paper. Remember to explore other interesting topics on our website!

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5 Great Ideas for You to Get Creative with My Little Pony Coloring Pages

Creating a My Little Pony Pen Holder:

Teaching kids to create a My Little Pony pen holder is a creative and fun activity. First, your child should choose an empty pencil box, an open paper box, or an old one that is no longer used. Then, the child decorates the pencil box with My Little Pony coloring pages according to his preferences.

Kids can use colored pencils or watercolors to color their pencil boxes. Encourage your child to add unique details, like floral patterns, stars, or bows. Kids can also add pre-printed My Little Pony images or draw them themselves to highlight the pencil case.

Once everything has been colored and decorated to your child’s liking, let the pencil case dry completely. Your child can experiment with putting pens, erasers, and other school supplies in boxes to ensure they fit comfortably.

Making My Little Pony Night Light:

Teaching kids to make a My Little Pony night light is a great activity to create a unique and impressive sleeping space. First, your baby needs to prepare a small lamp, which can be a table lamp or a mini standing lamp suitable for the size of the baby’s desk or sleeping area.

Next, your child should find and choose their favorite My Little Pony images from the coloring pictures on the website. Kids can color the images to highlight or preserve their natural beauty. Use glue to stick the My Little Pony images onto the prepared lamp.

Kids can arrange images according to their wishes, creating a small picture on the lamp’s surface. Let the light dry thoroughly before use to ensure the image does not wash out or peel off.

Once completed, your baby’s My Little Pony night light will make an excellent impression in the bedroom, bringing a cozy and intimate space to your baby’s favorite world. That is also a great way to stimulate children’s creativity and exploration.

Creating a My Little Pony Gift Box:

When doing this activity, your child must prepare a small gift box, a paper box, or a gift wrap box. Choose a color or pattern that matches the My Little Pony theme for the box’s background.

Next, find your child’s favorite My Little Pony images from the coloring pages. Kids can color and decorate pictures as they wish. Then, use glue to stick these images onto the surface of the gift box.

Children can add details like bows, flowers, or ribbons to make the gift box more unique and lively. Remember to check that everything is firmly and beautifully glued.

Once the My Little Pony gift box is completed, your child can store small gifts, candy, or toys to give to friends, family, or even as gifts on special occasions. That is a great way to encourage children’s creativity and love of crafts.

Creating a My Little Pony Snow Globe:

Parents will be very excited to join their kids in creating My Little Pony snow globes. To start, your child must prepare a small glass jar or an old one that is available at art and craft stores.

Then, your child can find and print or draw their favorite My Little Pony images from the coloring pages. Kids can also add shimmering colors according to personal preferences to create sparkle for the snow globe.

Next, cut the selected images to fit the size of the glass jar. Kids can use glue to stick the image inside the jar.

When your child has completed the decorating step, pour water into the glass jar and place the lid. At this point, the My Little Pony snow globe is completed. Kids can also make many snow globes to decorate the room or give as gifts to relatives.

Making a 3D My Little Pony Painting:

Making a 3D My Little Pony painting is a unique craft activity that helps kids be creative and create personal works of art. To start, your child must prepare the My Little Pony figures he wants to use. We have many My Little Pony coloring pages for you to choose from and get creative with.

Once you have enough pictures, your child can color them according to personal preferences. Children can use many different coloring tools to create vivid images. Your child can add other decorative motifs and accessories to make the picture unique and impressive.

Next, cut them into small pieces according to the shape of My Little Pony characters. To create the 3D effect, your child folds the small pieces but leaves part of the image standing out.

Once you have enough pieces and your child has arranged them as desired, place each piece in a light frame or sturdy paper background. Kids can place this 3D picture on the desk or hang it on the wall to express their creativity.

The My Little Pony 3D painting is not only a beautiful work of art but also a symbol of your child’s creativity and passion for the world of My Little Pony.

Exploring and creating unique works of art helps kids develop their craft skills and makes space for freedom and creativity. Children’s creative journey through coloring activities will bring joy and excitement to playing and learning.

At the same time, sharing on social networks also creates a community of child artists, where children can interact and learn from other young colleagues. That expands children’s imaginative world, helps them develop social skills, and builds pride in their achievements.

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