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Thanksgiving Coloring Pages - Pictures of a dinner party with family and friends over turkey; images of turkeys or Pilgrims, and some images with a Thanksgiving message. Does the content of this coloring page interest you? Thanksgiving is an annual holiday celebrated mainly in the United States, Canada, Caribbean islands, and Liberia. The initial meaning is to celebrate the harvest and thank God for a full and peaceful life. It is also an official holiday for all workers in the US and Canada. Thanksgiving is usually celebrated with a dinner party with family and friends over turkey. In Canada and the United States, it is an important day for families to get together, and people often travel long distances to be with their families. People usually get a four-day weekend for this holiday in the United States: they get off work or school on Thursdays and Fridays of that week. Thanksgiving is often celebrated at home instead of Independence Day or Christmas, which are more public holidays. In the United States, it is customary to remember a meal held in 1621 between the Wampanoag Indians and the Pilgrim group who had migrated to Massachusetts. In Canada, Thanksgiving is a three-day weekend. While Thanksgiving Day falls on a Monday, Canadians can feast on any day of those three weekends. Would you like to give your family these unique, beautiful, and meaningful images on this important Thanksgiving Day? The gift created by yourself will surely make your family happy and very surprised. Would you like to see your family's expressions when receiving a gift that you color yourself? If you are curious about those feelings, download it or print it out and start with crayons right now. Isn't it thrilling to wait to see everyone's feelings? Get creative with colors right now!
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