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Last Updated: November 10, 2023

What’s better than when children can show their love for the characters and participate in useful festive activities with our most unique Thanksgiving cartoon coloring pages? All pages are completely free to download, print and share. From turkeys and pumpkins to family gatherings and gratitude, let your child’s imagination run wild and create works of art that capture the spirit of the holidays.

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These coloring pages feature beloved cartoon characters like Charlie Brown, Minion, Garfield, the Simpson Family, and Smurfs enjoying the Thanksgiving festivities. In addition to these categories, there are also coloring pages featuring characters in the latest animated movies 2023, such as Ninja Turtles, Troll, Super Mario and Pokemon. All of them are suitable for all ages, from toddlers, preschoolers, school children, or adults who love cartoon characters.

Once you have found the coloring pages you want, you can download them by clicking the link or tapping the download button. You can print or save the coloring pages to your device to color later. We also have an online coloring feature. Click Color Online under each page and choose the colors available on the app. Hope your kids will have a fun time coloring!

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5 Unique Activities With Thanksgiving Cartoon Coloring Pages

If your child has already colored many Thanksgiving Day scenes, try these great ideas to use up those finished pages. Or you can print out the pages and use them in the fun activities below.

Play Thanksgiving Charades

You’ll start with an incredibly rewarding educational activity. You can choose and print out several copies of these animated Thanksgiving coloring pages featuring different characters. Then, cut the characters out of the coloring pages and place them in a bowl or a hat. This activity can be done at home or in class.

Adults divide players into two teams. A player on the first team chooses a character from the bowl and represents that character without speaking while their team tries to guess who it is. They receive points if the team guesses correctly within a certain time limit. If they guess incorrectly, the other team can win points by guessing the character. The game continues with players taking turns playing the characters until all the characters are guessed.

Decorate A Napkin Holder

You should choose coloring pages featuring Thanksgiving-themed cartoon characters with lots of patterned details. Have your children color with festive colors like brown, orange, and red. A plastic or aluminum tissue box must be available to make this craft idea. Then, instruct your child to use double-sided tape to stick the coloring pages on each side of the box.

Children can decorate the border of the napkin holder with orange and brown pom-poms. Finally, the colorful napkin holder with Thanksgiving cartoon characters is ready to use for you and your family’s Thanksgiving dinner! 

Make Classroom Decorations On Thanksgiving

What’s better is having your classroom decorated with your favorite cartoon characters during Thanksgiving. Choose to print free coloring pages on Coloringpagesonly.com. Have children color the characters and details on the page. Then, hang the completed pages on the wall or bulletin board in your classroom.

To make a banner, you choose to print pages with letters, such as “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Thank You.” Have children color the letters or words and then cut them out. String letters or words with ribbon to create a festive banner for the classroom.

Design A Thanksgiving Greeting Card

For this fun craft, let kids cut out cartoon characters and objects on colored coloring pages. Then, fold it into an envelope or other favorite shape. Children can write messages like “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Thank you” to make the cards more meaningful.

Decorate the card with fall-themed stickers, glitter, or ribbon for added flair. Finally, these Thanksgiving greeting cards with cartoon character coloring pages are ready to give to family and friends!

Create A Thanksgiving Coloring Mural

You can combine multiple coloring pages to create one large Thanksgiving coloring mural. First, print all of these themed coloring pages on our website. Then, cut the cartoon characters out of the pages and arrange them on a large sheet of paper or poster board. Once arranged, let your child color the background and design it according to the fall theme.  You can organize competitions between different groups of children. They can use coloring tools to create a colorful and cohesive mural. The group that finishes painting first and meets the beauty and neatness criteria will win.

We hope children will have fun and learn with creative activities from Thanksgiving-themed cartoon character coloring pages. We are very happy and proud to create products that bring many practical benefits to all users. We’re excited to see your child’s coloring pages on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We know you’ll be proud of your child’s artwork, and we want to share it with others. To share your child’s coloring pages with us, visit our Facebook or Pinterest pages and upload photos. You can also email us photos. We can’t wait to see your child’s amazing artwork!

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