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Why did Hello Kitty cat still earn silver billion though more than 40 years old?

Perhaps, no need to argue about Hello Kitty has been and is still the most brilliant success of Sanrio, a company that produces stationery, gifts and accessories in Japan. The biography of Hello Kitty said her she resides in London The full name is Kitty White and is very good cake making. In addition, she enjoys collectibles of cute little objects such as sweets, stars or goldfish. By this year 2018, Hello Kitty will officially step to the age of 44.

The image of Hello Kitty first appeared on the coin purse produced by Sanrio in 1974, for customers who were girls. Shortly after she debuted in the public, sales of Sanrio had risen 7 times. Aware of the attraction of Hello Kitty, Sanrio has taken his "beloved daughter" onto the other series of products, from the civilians segment to luxuries.

She earns a lot of money since she was born

According to Sanrio, in the year 1999, Hello Kitty has appeared on 12,000 items each year, from vacuum cleaners, DVD players, cars for next… toilet paper. By the year 2008, she has been on 50,000 different products in 60 countries around the world and brought about the turnover of about 500 million.

In 2014, Sanrio gave the "Queen of the cute" to become a global marketing phenomenon with an estimated value of about $7 billion for a year. This is especially the figure on whether there is no need for any ad sample, except for the advertising samples of the television show producers related to Sanrio or at the website and ticket counters for the television show. It is known that Hello Kitty itself is the character that brings about most of the 600 million annual turnover of Sanrio and accounts for about 75% of the active profit each year of this company.

Not only to be profitable, Hello Kitty also shines all over the cultural presence. In 2008, the Japanese government chose Hello Kitty as the Ambassador of tourism for the country in China and Hong Kong. The United Nations Youth Foundation has even awarded the title of "Special Friend of Children" for her. Besides, many famous female stars in the world are also "the gut fan" of Hello Kitty.

There can be said, so far, not many characters reap success like her. So, Sanrio used what strategies to help Hello Kitty achieves as well as maintain durable suction power over time as such?

1. Guess the right to the customer tastes

First, the success of Hello Kitty came from her cat's true aim on the fancy mentality of the Japanese, also known as the "Kawaii", a popular cultural culture of the cherry blossom.

Image: The Wonder Cores.

If in other countries, the cute is often directed to youth or young people then in Japan, it exists in the lives of all people of the country. The Japanese, either at any age, has loved the "small, cute" widgets.

So, for a older Japanese woman, the use of a telephone case in the cute cartoon character is also the very normal thing. The bank left the Czech book in the form of the famous cartoon characters. Even the local police departments also have extremely adorable animation mascot.

2. Suitable products for all objects

Dorie Clark brand expert says: "Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth and does not expose any emotion, so, others can imagine Hello Kitty's feelings in what they want." In other words, what Hello Kitty does is that it is just not expressing any emotion that can just reflect any kind of emotion.

Sanrio explains that Hello Kitty has no mouth because this company desires people to slide their feelings onto her and Hello Kitty will be the same fun or the same sad with them. Besides, Hello Kitty has no mouth because she "speaks by heart". An ambassador of friendship is not able to be tied to any language at all.

3. Marketing Oral and Market Influencer

One of the features of the marketing strategy for Hello Kitty is largely based on the form of oral communication to build brand, not to focus advertising through media or television.

In addition, Sanrio also donated a variety of Hello Kitty products to celebrities. In 2009, Sanrio helped Lady Gaga complete a dress-up made with a Hello kitty stuffed cat for a photo shoot. Other "big" stars such as Mariah Carey, Britney Spears or Paris Hilton are both the bowel fans of "Cute Queen" and they often wear accessories to print the Hello Kitty in the streets or attend events. Even, the singer Avril Lavigne also has a song about her cat.

This is the proper flag of Sanrio because most people have little to know who Hello Kitty is, so the waste of money to the communication of her existence is not essential. Instead, through a series of celebrities, also known as Market Influencer, Sanrio succeeded in making the client believe, Hello Kitty was always the name of Vogue and caught up with the trend, although she has appeared for a long time.

4. Adapt and change strategically at the right time

Many years ago, Sanrio's strategy was to concentrate on production to distribute in his retail stores. Song, profits achieve no more and the corporate financial situation on a worse. However, everything changed in 2008 when director Rehito Hatoyama stepped foot into Sanrio. The director of this drastic proposal to propose the implementation of a business license (licensing) for Hello Kitty which led the company to change.

The goal for this proposal is also very simple: business licensing for Hello Kitty will make Sanrio avoid a lot of risks, especially when you want to open more new business models. Of course, the company will still control the image of Hello Kitty, from the design to the message on other products and than all of it is still collected using the brand money. This is considered the proper change of Sanrio. Evidence is in the year 2014, revenue from products that Sanrio licensed has up to 6.5 billion.

5. Always remember and keep her clients

In order to maintain the presence of Hello Kitty, Sanrio also guarantees the direction of its products to customers who are young mothers. Because, when these mothers, who had once been a cat's gut fan, walked to the middle age, they would again transfer "fan fire" to their children. Thus, in addition to its products, Sanrio also unleashed many of the older items such as high-grade jewelry or cosmetics. Even, Sanrio also gave Hello Kitty a mascot for the baseball team or the race.

In addition, the company also thoroughly struck the contemplation for Hello Kitty of the customers who had age. Specifically, Sanrio regularly organizes the show, exhibits about Hello Kitty to remind fans.
On the occasion of the 40 anniversary of Hello Kitty, Sanrio held an exhibition at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles and found a number of pictures related to her for the last four decades. After all the time, the recollection of the sense of contemplation that Hello Kitty brings will surely make the fans a time out of the grip that continues to stick with her.


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