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About the Moana Coloring Pages

Here are the coloring pages of the characters that are in the Moana cartoon:
1. Princess Moana coloring page: Moana has a slender body, but slightly muscular, medium brown skin, brownish-pink lips, long wavy black hair, thick eyebrows, brown eyes. Moana usually wears her hair down, only tying it in a top bun sporadically when sailing. For her regular outfit, she wears a crop top made out of red Tapa with a layered style accessorized with seashells along the perimeter. She wears a red sash made from the same material that wraps around her skirt made out of shredded Pandanas and layered Tapa, with a slit for mobility purposes on her journey. When leading on Motonui, she wears a lei made out of green leaves and pink flowers. 

2. Gramma Tala coloring page: Tala is Moana's grandmother and the mother of Motunui's village leader Tui. Like her granddaughter, she has a love for sea exploration, having come from an ancestry of South Pacific navigators. Unlike the other villagers, Tala has not forgotten her roots (or chose to ignore them, as in Tui's case). She hopes to see her people someday return to their former greatness as master wayfinders. Tala is spirited, eccentric, and independent. She is fiercely devoted to the idea of being true to yourself and "listening to your heart." As such, she never adhered to normality for the sake of fitting in, making her somewhat of an outcast, though she holds the reputation of "village crazy lady" with prideful awareness. She is also mischievous and playful, at one point noting that she can keep secrets from Tui if she so please, as although he is chief, she is still his mother.

4. Tui and Sina from Moana: Tui is the father of Moana and the Chief of Motunui. Sina is the mother of Moana, she always has her daughter's back. Playful, sharp and strong-willed, Sina appreciates Moana's longing to be on the water, but also wants to protect her daughter from the fabled dangers beyond the reef.


3. Maui from Moana coloring pages: Maui is a boisterous demigod of South Pacific legend that primarily serves as an audacious hero and a guardian of mankind. Maui has a tremendous stature. He possesses extreme superhuman strength in both his arm and leg muscles. Maui's most powerful abilities come from his mighty fish hook, which allows him to shapeshift into a wide array of animals, from insects to whales. The fish hook glows with a blue (purple, if broken) energy when in use, and is strong enough to shatter stone and cause severe damage to deities. Another significant trait of Maui is his animated tattoos plastered throughout his skin. The tattoos depict Maui's various exploits and accomplishments. 

5. Pua Pet Pig from Moana: Pua is Moana's loyal pet pig with puppy energy and an innocent puppy brain. He is Moana's best friend. He is small piglet, white fur, gray spots, light pink belly, pink snout, brown eyes, black hooves.



6. Heihei Rooster from Moana: Heihei is a rooster that unintentionally joins Moana and Maui on their journey across the ocean. Heihei is slender bantam rooster, amber feathers along the neck, dark teal feathers along the body, amber beak, legs, and claws, large eyes, tiny pupils. 


7. Tamatoa Coconut Crab from Moana: Tamatoa is also the long-standing arch-nemesis of acclaimed demigod Maui. The two appear to know each other extremely well, with Tamatoa even having knowledge of Maui's near-tragic beginnings. During one of their battles, Maui ripped off one of Tamatoa's legs which, according to Maui, plays a part in the giant crab's hatred for him. Despite his own physical prowess, Tamatoa fears Maui when the latter is equipped with his magical fish hook.
Tamatoa is a self-absorbed, 50-foot coconut crab, blue-and-red shell coloring, orange-brown pincers, one broken leg, blue-and-black antennas, yellow eyes with blue irises, one dialated pupil, shell covered with golden shiny things.

8. Kakamora from Moana: The Kakamora are a tribe of pirates that Moana and Maui encounter on their voyage. The Kakamora are a diminutive race donning armor made of coconuts. They live on a trash-and-flotsam-covered vessel that floats freely around the ocean. Known to Maui as "murdering little pirates", the Kakamora are cute in appearance, small, coconut bodies, face paintings, pink limbs, hands and feet, green wrist and ankle bands, hollowed eye sockets. But they can be quite menacing and will relentlessly persue materials they deem valuable.


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