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Hello Kitty Online

Hello Kitty Online is the title game Online by Sanrio Digital and Typhoon Games co-developed, with the storyline talking about the world of the White cat Hello Kitty and her friends. The simple gameplay with cute graphics is the two main attractions of the game, next to the community element of the game also be thoughtful investment. been scheduled Open Beta later year 2008. Hello Kitty Online has launched the event "Founder's Beta" with the update of new features in the system of skill, pets and tasks made under the group.

Start the game in the United Kingdom, you will live, work and adventure here. Other than most other online games, Hello Kitty Online does not focus the combat factor that only focuses on the implementation of tasks in the game is quite soothing and entertainment is the main. After solving these game quests out, you will get experience points as well as the special rewards of Hello Kitty Online.

Some of Sanrio Digital's special characters (the owner of Hello Kitty brand) are also put into in the game, such as My Melody, Pochacco, Badtz-Maru and other cute characters. These characters will role NPC and the monarch in Hello Kitty Online, which will help you find the way as well as deal with new tasks. 

You can master and build a home for yourself, freely layouts interior and chair tables. In addition, the diverse pet system allows you to own a variety of different beasts. After destroying the monsters, they will fall off the "pet Cards", and from there you can use that monster to do your pet. Some special characters of Sanrio can also become your pet, and not only bear decorative meaning, pets can support when doing tasks, such as storing items.

One of the factors that help Hello Kitty Online makes up the difference compared to the other MMORPG games that are community and social functions in the game. The entire game is integrated with Sanriotown, the official online community of the fans of the Sanrio company. Right click on the characters in Hello Kitty Online, you can visit the Personal blogs page of the members on Sanrio, videos as well as email them. You can join the minigames with other players next to the main duties, or in coordination with other players in the state of the festival to carry out the special hard work, such as building homes.

Hello Kitty Online promises to be the gentle online game title that is suitable for girls gamers or young gamers, especially the fans of the Hello Kitty kitten.

How to participate: Players in Hello Kitty Online hand in sets of in-game materials to Game Masters . The items required are listed in detail at the Toys for Tots Hello Kitty Online event page.

Items must be handed in complete sets (no partial sets or individual items will be accepted). Players who trade their first set of items will receive an in-game Colorful Teddy Bear.

For each set handed in, Sanrio Digital will donate one toy to Toys for Tots on behalf of the players of Hello Kitty Online. Players may hand in more than one set during the event.

This event applies only to the US & Canada server of Hello Kitty Online. Download Hello Kitty Online now and play for a good cause!

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