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Implementing Parental Controls And Coloring Pages

Nowadays, Internet is a must-have item for everyone. It is popular and famous and is an online world where humans can share, bring, supply and more useful information. The information spread quickly just only one click. The internet has made our life become more convenient and easier. However, anything has two sides and Internet also brings benefits and disadvantages for users. Especially parents, Internet are a scary thought for their children.

The little children love surfing net, they visit to the websites such as: online games, Facebook, coloring, printable coloring pages for kids and many more. We think that you should control their action to ensure your children visit the appropriate websites. Don't let them use Internet without your presence. For example, all the coloring pages and coloring games on coloringpagesonly.com have been censor before added on our website. If you find anything on this website like offensive or inappropriate content, please contact us.


How can you limit and block bad websites? How will you protect your kids from harmful and inappropriate websites? Parents can block bad and dangerous websites; restrict access by time with Parental Controls. Moreover, you can protect and against adware and phishing to your home network.


Here are some steps to block access to websites when using internet:


1. Select Tools -> Internet Options from the Internet browser Toolbar.


2. Click on the Content.


3. Select Enable button in the Content Advisor section, Content Advisor will open and now parents can make their choices.


4. Parents can choose the level for language, violence, nudity and sex in the Rating tab.


5. Parents can block websites (pornography, violence etc.) that they don't want their kids to look at in the Approved Sites tab.


6. Parents can permit or disallow children to access into the unrated sites in the General tab.


Parents can create a password for some websites that your children can't access a site that is blocked by the password. Parents can allow or disallow their lovely kids to access to the websites (good or bad).


Are your children little? Are you looking for a education website for them? Now check out our website where supplies tons of coloring pages, coloring games and coloring books for kids. On our website, each picture and content has been previewed and carefully check before publish on the website. All pictures of coloring pages, coloring games or coloring books are appropriate for kids, they bring fun and education programs for children while coloring. Hence, parents can be secure and satisfied when their children access our site.

Our website is also suitable for parents, teachers and children. For children who love collect pictures of their favorite characters such as: cartoon, movie … coloring pages is a perfect idea for them. We bring many categories such as: Dinosaur, Hello Kitty, Minion, Paw Patrol etc, each coloring sheet has a detailed description. Children can learn many things from these images. For parents and teachers, they can use these coloring pages for teaching their kids or students. The children can discover and enrich their knowledge for each of topic. Teachers apply these coloring sheets for students to discuss about topics. Teach little children about numbers through Number Coloring Pages and other categories.


Coloring is not only a fun and interesting way, but also strengthens their education. These free printable coloring sheets online are easy to download or print out. Share your pictures and this website to your friends. Thank you for your visit!


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