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Many funny Kirby, Yoshi, and Shrek coloring pages for kids!

Kirby, Yoshi, and Shrek coloring pages are inspired by animation and video games

Children often love cute and beautiful cartoon characters; lovely characters always attract children, whether in fairy tales, cartoons, or video games. Through coloring activities, children will have more opportunities to discover exciting characters.

We will reveal the coloring pages that parents should collect for their children. Kirby, Yoshi, and Shrek coloring pages are unique coloring pages. Kids will love these funny characters.

Shrek coloring pages: Are good people always beautiful?

Shrek is a famous American cartoon. The cartoon tells about the main character, a green elf guy. Shrek is ugly and scary. People don’t like him because of his unfriendly appearance. So he feels lonely and alone. He has no friends. Shrek’s only best friend is a donkey.

Although Shrek is an ugly and monstrous elf, he is a good person; he is healthy and always helps people. In the adventure and rescue of Fiona Princess, Shrek overcomes many difficulties and hardships to protect the princess.

However, instead of being excited to meet her rescuer, Fiona is disappointed by Shrek’s ugly appearance. The story has many meaningful lessons when building the character Shrek is a good person but has an unattractive appearance.

The lesson shows us that we should not use appearance to judge and comment on someone’s worth. And when you use their looks to think and feel someone’s heart, you’re taking away their chance to shine.

The story ends with the beautiful love of Shrek and Fiona. After all, the princess also realized that Shrek’s beauty was not in his ugly appearance but in his kind heart. Fiona is also a green monster like Shrek.

They love each other regardless of whether their appearance is ugly or beautiful. We should recognize and respect others based on their qualities.

Shrek coloring pages are unique coloring pages. Shrek’s images are drawn and created in Shrek coloring pictures.

Children can use Shrek’s signature green to color him; they can also use any of their favorite colors to create other unique versions of Shrek.


Shrek of the Movie Shrek


Shrek and Fiona


Fiona Ogre


Shrek and Donkey


Cool Shrek

Printable Shrek coloring sheets will be products that help children practice creativity and stimulate thinking; Children will love the character Shrek and learn valuable life lessons. Coloring can happen anytime, anywhere.

Parents and kids should select and download our website’s coloring pages. Shrek coloring pages will bring children exciting and beautiful experiences. Children can learn more unique coloring subjects.

Children can get acquainted with Kirby and Yoshi through Kirby and Yoshi coloring pages

Kids can meet Kirby and Yoshi at our coloring pages. If your child has discovered Kirby coloring pages, parents should collect them for Yoshi coloring pages. Those are two famous Nintendo game characters.

When it comes to Nintendo, we all think of game characters such as Mario, Luigi, Peach Princess, etc. Those are the most famous and popular Japanese characters, but Kirby and Yoshi also significantly contribute to the great success of video games.

They stand out and are famous for their cuteness and fun. If Kirby is pink, then Yoshi is a green dinosaur. They all possess lovely, funny looks and extraordinary abilities. These cartoon characters can all swallow opponents with their tongues and stomachs.

Because of Kirby and Yoshi’s unique appearance, children always love their funny pictures. We recommend printable Kirby coloring sheets and Yoshi coloring pages for kids and adults. Does your baby love these adorable game characters?


Printable Kirby


Beam Kirby


Singer Kirby

Kirby-and-his-friendsKirby and his friends

Kirby coloring pages summarize Kirby’s lovely pictures. Here we bring pictures that have been drawn with black pens. Children should observe and choose their favorite colors to color Kirby coloring pictures.

With big eyes, a round body, and short legs and arms, Kirby won the hearts of both adults and children. Now Kirby is not only a supporting character in Nintendo games, but it has its own game. Kirby is a unique Japanese game character that many people love.

Printable Yoshi coloring sheets include pictures of big-nosed dinosaurs. When it first appeared in Mario, many people mistakenly thought it was a small turtle. But in fact, Yoshi is built on the image of a lovely dinosaur.

Yoshi is green and wears orange shoes and a red turtle shell. Yoshi has a huge nose, which is his funny feature. Like Kirby, Yoshi has appeared in several games and is the main character.


Yoshi on a motorcycle


Yoshi With Baby Mario


Yoshi At the cinema


Toad rides a dinosaur

Printable Yoshi coloring sheets are sure to be loved by children. Parents, please choose and download quality coloring pages for your baby.

We provide quality Yoshi coloring pictures so parents can rest assured of their children’s coloring activities. We also hope that Yoshi coloring pages are not only an entertaining game but also a valuable educational activity for children.

Kirby and Yoshi coloring pages will not disappoint children with our lovely characters. These coloring pages are documents and opportunities for children to explore colors and drawings.


We have exploited and created many exciting subjects in life. We always research to know what children love, what they are suitable for, or what will spark their creativity. Children’s interests and personalities always inspire our coloring pages.

We hope Shrek, Kirby, and Yoshi are outstanding coloring pages that children should explore. We have lots of coloring subjects waiting for the children. Parents, please take care and help children develop comprehensively with our cute coloring pages!


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