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The Tattoo Designs For Females

Today, more and more women want a lovely tattoo on the body. So, one of the fastest growing areas in the field of tattoos are female tattoo designs. If in history of tattooing it was not too long ago that tattoos had a very different reputation and frequently when women did get tattoos say 20 years ago they would keep them well hidden. However, In fact there are now more female tattoo artists, female tattoo designs and even shops are starting to cater to a more female clientele. This is a great thing for the most part as more money is being poured into tattoos and tattoo design and artist are getting better paid for their work now. 

When you come to tattoo stores, the tattoo artist will advise you to take a beautiful tattoo position and a great tattoo. However you can also refer to some of the common tattoo designs and some locations where tattoos can perform as below: 

1. The top tattoos for girls designs today:
– Butterfly tattoos: It's very popular and for tattoos are butterflies, the tattoo artist has a lot of colors and sizes to draw. There is so much that can be done with butterfly art work on the body. The butterflies can be very colorful and can range in size. They can also be flying as a group and trailing to a certain part of the body.

– Star tattoos: Stars also can come in different shapes, sizes and different colors. Shooting star designs are very popular and have very positive meaning when placed permanently on the body. So, star tattoos come in a close second as the most popular designs for girls.

– Flower tattoos: If the art work is done well flower tattoos can be very pretty and appealing. And that's why the flowers are always popular for girls tattoos. Today, the hibiscus flower seems to be in high favor. This is a flower that comes in many colors, simply but has a very playful and exotic look. Another flower that is often chosen is the daisy. Daisies have very significant meaning representing a free spirited person. And there are many other species of flowers that are meaningful to the choice of each person. 

– Celtic Tattoo Designs: There are a ton of different Celtic tattoo designs out there.  Many people fall for the Celtic cross right away because of it's beauty.  However, there are also zoomorphic (animal knot work) shapes, spiral and step patterns throughout  Celtic artwork and many of these designs can be incorporate with an Irish or Celtic saying making for an incredible and often very original and unique design.

– Sayings – Sayings: You can write a verse, or a profound phrase that you love. 

– Fairies tattoo: Fairies always work well on almost any part of the female body.  The ability to pose the fairy and change their posture, mood, and facial expressions leads to an infinite number of possibilities for such a foot tattoo idea.

This is just a few of the possibilities that are out there for you. The shape of the female body has many attractive curves and hidden areas that can accentuated with proper tattoo placement. If a tattoo is located in the correct spot it can be very attractive and considered quite sexy. Here are top areas for tattoo placement that will drive men crazy:
– Female Chest Tattoos – the chest makes a wonderful place for a tattoo design and the extensive background of traditional designs in this area can lead in some creative directions for women today. For example one of the traditional tattoos for a chest design is a sacred heart often done with two sparrow on either side, and then instead of the two sparrow there were two Hello Kitty tattoos in the place of the sparrows…
The lower back area is a part of the body where there are very natural curves that all come together. The right design in this area can be very appealing. This area does not always show and is sometimes seen as a flash when the woman bends over. This causes the viewer to feel they have seen something perhaps they should not have. If a man accidentally sees a tattoo in this position, make sure they will be attracted instantly. 

– Foot: If you are someone that has good looking feet, it's works well for body art. This can be very attractive and enhance a great looking well manicured foot.

– The panty line area, or actually just above it, is another suggestive area for placement. This is an area that can be seen when wearing a bikini or nothing at all. It is well hidden most of the time and that is what makes it so appealing, because it can't be seen all the time. Please put a real glamorous tattoo here. Surely it will make you happy every time you see it. 

And there are so many different places on the body that you can put tattoos according to hobbies. The important thing is the joy, your passion. Hopefully with this article you will find out for yourself a great tattoo and a place of the sexiest tattoos on your body. Have much fun and enjoy it! 


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