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Last Updated: November 13, 2023

We have just updated the latest images in the collection of International Day of Peace coloring pages. These pages are for everyone to celebrate peace and promote understanding between people. They can be a fun and educational activity for children at home or school. They can also raise awareness about peace and promote a culture of peace worldwide.

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On this topic, our coloring pages are available both online and printable. They feature symbols of peace, such as doves, olive branches, peace signs, and rainbows. Some other paintings depict the Earth and children playing together. These sites provide a fun and engaging way to explore creativity while promoting positive values ​​and ideals. All of them are completely free for all users.

We provide the option to download the coloring page as a PNG file. Click on the coloring page you want to download and select Download. You can color on your computer using Photoshop software or print it on paper. Select Print Picture below the coloring page if you want to print directly. We also have the Color Online feature for those who use phones or do not have a printer available.

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5 Interesting Activities For International Day Of Peace Coloring Pages

Here are fun activities to make the most of International Day Of Peace coloring sheets for children and adults.

Create A Peace Mural

This is a collaborative activity that can be done by individuals, families or groups. Download and print the coloring pages related to the International Day of Peace and color them. Then, combine the individual coloring pages into one large mural.

You can display the mural in a public place, such as a school library, or share it on social media to spread awareness about the International Day of Peace to everyone worldwide.

 Make A Peace Flag           

The activity is sure to be fun and creative for children and adults. You choose some International Day of Peace coloring sheets that feature peace symbols like doves, peace signs, or the word “peace.” Print the pages out and have your children color them bright and bold. Cut the coloring pages into rectangular flag shapes. You can use a pattern or freeform shape. Attach the flag to the string or ribbon using tape or glue.

You can also punch holes in the top of the flag and thread the string through the holes. Hang the peace flag in a prominent location such as a window, doorway, or outdoor space. You can use flags as decorations for International Day of Peace events.

Make A Greeting Card

Sometimes, you want to tell someone you’re thinking of them or wish them well, and our peace illustrations make great cards to do just that. You choose the International Day of Peace coloring pages with the most beautiful details from the collection and then print them on paper. Then, let your child color in bright shades and cut out the colored part.

You suggest that the child paste the cut part on a blank paper or card and then fold the card as desired. Children can write messages to their loved ones during Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays. Surely, the recipient will be extremely excited to receive this unique and meaningful card.

Create A Keychain

Turn our International Day of Peace illustrations into cute keychains using laminated paper. First, print the designs you want on miniature sheets of paper and have your child color the center shapes with crayons, watercolors, or colored pencils. Then, children will cut out the details on the page and glue them to a piece of cardboard and then cut according to the shape of the shape.

You can laminate it to make it more durable. Finally, you punch a hole in the top corner and thread it to hang the key. Your International Day of Peace keychain is ready to use or give as a gift!

Hold A Coloring Contest

This activity is suitable for raising students’ peace awareness in the classroom. You print and make copies of these themed coloring pages on Coloringpagesonly.com. Teachers explain the rules of the coloring contest to students. You can set a time limit for the contest and give coloring instructions, such as using bright and bold colors or staying within the lines. Have students color the pages and submit them for assessment. You can have a panel of judges or ask students to vote for their favorite coloring page. Give coloring contest winners stickers, pencils, or other small prizes.

Let’s spread the message and raise awareness about International Peace with the smallest things we can do. Our International Day of Peace coloring pages await you to participate in various exciting activities. These paintings carry images of peace symbols, simple scenes, and meaningful messages. When coloring, we will relax, be creative, and reflect on the importance of peace.

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