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Camptosaurus Jurassic Dinosaur Coloring Page

About Camptosaurus Jurassic Dinosaur Coloring Page

Camptosaurus is a relatively heavily built form, with robust hindlimbs and broad feet, still having four toes. Due to the separate status of Uteodon it has become problematic which material from the Morrison belongs to Camptosaurus. The specimens with certainty belonging to Camptosaurus dispar, from Quarry 13, have been recovered from very deep layers, probably dating to the Callovian-Oxfordian. The largest fragments from later strata indicate adult individuals more than 7.9 metres (26 ft) long, and 2 metres (6.6 ft) at the hips.[3] The Quarry 13 individuals are smaller though. They have been described as reaching 6 meters (19.7 feet) in length and 785 – 874 kg in weight.
This is black and white picture of Camptosaurus Jurassic Dinosaur. You can print out and using crayons to color. Or color online on our site. Have fun!


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