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Last Updated: December 14, 2023

We have updated more than 61 of the latest Joe Biden coloring pages. These coloring pages are great for both children and adults who want to have fun learning about the 46th President of the United States.

Joe Biden is a famous politician who has held many different positions throughout his career. He has an interesting life story, including his hobby of eating ice cream, overcoming a stutter, and losing his first wife and daughter in a car accident. Now, you and your kids can learn more about Joe Biden by coloring these pages and reading about his life and achievements.

These pages depict Joe Biden in different settings, such as giving a speech, eating an ice cream, shaking hands with people, or being with Obama. Some others feature Joe Biden with an American flag, bald eagle, or other patriotic symbols. To make the collection diverse, we also designed portraits that summarize the missions in the superhero set in a fun style.

Whether used as an educational tool in the classroom or as a leisurely activity at home, Joe Biden coloring sheets can be a fun way to interact with the character currently holding the highest position in the United States.

When choosing a painting, consider the age and interests of the person who will color it. All pages are free to download, print, and share for all ages.

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5 Fun Activities By Using  Free Joe Biden Coloring Pages

Not only do these activities make coloring more fun, but they also provide an opportunity to creatively explore many different aspects of Joe Biden’s life and presidency.

Create Historical Diorama

A fun and educational activity you can do with your children is to create a historical diorama using Joe Biden coloring pages. First, choose a coloring page that depicts an important event in Joe Biden’s life or career.

Once you’ve chosen, have your child color it. Then, let your child use their imagination to create a diorama around the scene. They can use cardboard boxes, construction paper, fabric scraps, and other materials to build their diorama.

This activity not only helps children express their creativity but also teaches them about important moments in history and the role of the President in the US government.

Make Campaign Poster

Joe Biden officially announced his re-election bid on April 25, 2023, marking the fourth anniversary of his first campaign in 2020. He will seek a second and final term as president, with Kamala Harris still as his running mate.

If you support this current US President, start by choosing a coloring page depicting Joe Biden’s logo or campaign slogan. Have your kids color it and then use it as a centerpiece for their campaign poster. Encourage your child to devise his own campaign slogan or message for Joe Biden and put it on a poster. They can also add other elements, such as American flags, stars, and other patriotic symbols.

Play Bingo Game

Another fun and interactive activity using Joe Biden coloring sheets is playing Bingo. This game is perfect for a group of children and can be played at a family gathering or in the classroom.

You can start by printing a few different coloring pages of Joe Biden and cutting them into small squares. Create a bingo card with different events or moments in Joe Biden’s life, such as “Joe Biden meets world leaders” or “Joe Biden gives a speech.”

Have children color in the corresponding square on the bingo card when they see the event happen on TV or in the news. The first person to get five squares in a row wins!

Play Memory Game

This classic game can be easily adapted to use Joe Biden coloring pages. First, you’ll print two copies of the different Joe Biden coloring sheets and cut them into small squares.

Place the squares face down on the table or floor and have your child turn them over one by one to try and put them together.

This game improves memory skills and teaches children about different aspects of Joe Biden’s life and career. You can also add some fun by asking your child to explain the meaning of each coloring page as they match it.

Create A Biography Booklet

This activity is perfect for older children who want to learn more about Joe Biden’s life and career. Start by printing a few different coloring pages depicting different stages in Joe Biden’s life.

Then, have your child color the pages and then cut them out. Children can arrange the pages chronologically and staple them together to create a booklet.

You should encourage your child to research and write short descriptions or facts about each period in Joe Biden’s life, accompanied by coloring pages. To make this activity even more engaging, you can ask your child to introduce his or her biography booklet to family members or friends. This will improve their confidence and public speaking skills.

These five activities using free Joe Biden coloring pages are not only fun and engaging but also educational. They allow children to learn about key moments in Joe Biden’s life and presidency while spending quality time with family.

So why don’t you try these activities and see how much fun and learning you and your children can have with these illustrated worksheets? Remember to share your or your child’s ideas and finished work in the comments section of Facebook and Pinterest posts for everyone in the world to see.

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