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Iguanodon Dinosaurs Coloring Page

About Iguanodon Dinosaurs Coloring Page

Iguanodon were bulky herbivores that could shift from bipedality to quadrupedality. The only well-supported species, I. bernissartensis, is estimated to have weighed about 3.08 tonnes (3.4 tons) on average, and measured about 10 metres (33 feet) long as an adult, with some specimens possibly as long as 13 metres (43 feet). These animals had large, tall but narrow skulls, with toothless beaks probably covered with keratin, and teeth like those of iguanas, but much larger and more closely packed.
This is coloring page of Iguanodon Dinosaurs that we have chosen for you to color. Just print out and make to a nice picture or color online on our site. Have fun!


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