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Protoceratops Dinosaur Coloring Page

About Protoceratops Dinosaur Coloring Page

Protoceratops is a genus of sheep-sized (1.8 m long) herbivorous ceratopsian dinosaur, from the Upper Cretaceous Period (Campanian stage) of what is now Mongolia. It was a member of the Protoceratopsidae, a group of early horned dinosaurs. Unlike later ceratopsians, however, it was a much smaller creature that lacked well-developed horns and retained some primitive traits not seen in later genera.
Protoceratops had a large neck frill which was likely used as a display site to impress other members of the species.
Hello you love dinosaurs! Above is the picture of the Protoceratops dinosaur. Please print it out or download to your computer and added to your dinosaur collection.


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