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Barbapapa Coloring Pages

In the free printable Barbapapa coloring pages below, you can find a pink and round character named Barbapapa and members of his family.

Barbapapa is bright pink, like cotton candy or bubble gum. Barbapapa is very gentle and rarely loses his temper. Barbapapa is also very intelligent and uses her imagination and shapeshifting ability to help others and solve problems most gently.

Barbamama is pretty, has black skin, and is Barbapapa’s wife. Barbapapa and Barbamama have four sons and three daughters: Barbabravo, red, is a sports fan; Barbabeau is blue, a scientist; Barbazoo is yellow, a nature enthusiast; and Barbabeau is black a painter; Barbalala is blue, is a musician; Barbabelle is purple, is a beauty queen, and Barbalib is orange, is an intellectual.

These extremely adorable characters will be a great choice for children to show their creativity and rich imagination. Each character has a different color, which is an opportunity for children to coordinate colors best. Help your child collect the Barbapapa coloring sheets below.

Let the kids freely experience and play with fun colors in the magical world of colors. We hope the kids will have a great time with our coloring pages. Have fun!

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