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A real adventure is waiting for you. TOTS Coloring Pages with super cute images, including Pip the bird, Freddy the flamingo, Mia the cat, and some other characters are waiting for you to color. Help these characters have a new image according to your taste.

TOTS (Tiny Ones Transport Service) is an American computer-animated television series. The film focuses on Pip the Penguin and Freddy the Flamingo, who care for infants throughout their lives at a daycare-like transportation service nursery.

Pip the penguin and Freddy the flamingo are two delivery birds undergoing training at TOTS (Tiny One Transport Service). TOTS is a place where baby animals are raised before being delivered to their families.

Pip and Freddy work together to help take care of the babies, traveling the world to find their families.

Besides delivering babies, Pip and Freddy also learn to solve problems with the guidance of KC Koala and Captain Candance Beakman, along with other delivery storks.

Sounds interesting and interesting, right? Download and print our coloring pages for free, and color those coloring pages; they will be even better when you give them the most impressive colors.

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