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Gible is a small, bipedal dragon-like Pokémon that is primarily blue. It has a big mouth filled with sharp teeth, no neck, and arms that start at the outer edges of its jaws. A red underbelly stretches from its abdomen to the bottom of its jaw. Gible has two horns that resemble jet or plane engines, each with a light blue stripe in the middle. It has a single light blue stripe wrapping around its back. On top of its head is a dorsal fin, which has a notch on it for the male. Its dorsal fin is strong enough to carry a person. Gible appears to be a good digger, making deep holes for homes in caverns. It enjoys play-fighting with other members of its species. It has tremendously strong jaws that it uses to bite enemies. However, when biting, it often hurts itself because of clumsiness.
This is cute pokemon, you like it, don't you? Right now, just print out and using crayons or colored pencils to make a nice picture. Or decorate online with the interactive coloring machine.


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