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Collect an adorable round Pokemon right now from the free Jigglypuff coloring pages below. Jigglypuff is a pure Normal/Fairy-type Pokémon introduced in Generation I.

Jigglypuff is a small round pink Pokémon with a bunch of curly feathers on its head. It has short, non-digit limbs, pointed cat-like ears, and large blue eyes. Jigglypuff has stretchy skin and will inflate on its own if it gets angry. Pokemon Jigglypuff can lull people and Pokémon to sleep with its voice. Jigglypuff will not stop singing lullabies until its enemies fall asleep.

Jigglypuff can use his eyes to fascinate opponents. It has a large lung capacity, surpassing most other Pokémon. Once he’s captured the opponent’s attention, Jigglypuff will inflate his lungs and begin singing a mellow and mysterious lullaby. This tune can make anyone feel sleepy. If the opponent refuses to fall asleep, Jigglypuff will endanger his own life by continuing to sing until he runs out of breath. Jigglypuff is an evolved form of Igglybuff. It also evolves into Wigglytuff using the Moon Stone.

Jigglypuff is so cute, isn’t it? It’s like a singing balloon. Little ones are sure to enjoy our free Jigglypuff coloring sheets. Parents can collect the best Jigglypuff coloring sheets for their kids by printing all the coloring sheets they like. You can collect more Pokemon species at Pikachu coloring pages, Sprigatito coloring pages, Mew coloring pages, Nickit coloring pages, Charizard coloring pages, and many more. Many species of pokemon are synthesized by us, designed to be unique, allowing children to express their creativity.

Let the kids experiment with vibrant colors and different themes. We hope you have a great time with our unique coloring pages. Have fun!

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