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Mantine Pokemon Coloring Page

About Mantine Pokemon Coloring Page

Mantine is a large, manta ray-like Pokémon with wide fins and two ring-shaped marks on its back. Its back is a dark blue with a jagged outline on its wings. It has a streamer-like tail and long "antennae". Two pairs of gills are visible on its gray underside, as well as a pair of beady eyes and a small mouth. Generally, it is pictured with a Remoraid attached to the underside of one wing, much like a cleaner fish. Mantine can fly in the air if it builds up enough speed, in a similar manner to how real-life manta rays breach the surface, and can soar gracefully out of the water. Mantine is mostly docile. It thrives in open seas.
Now, we continue offers you this coloring page from Pokemon category. You can print it out then color it. Or you can color online on our site with colors machine. Enjoy!


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