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Poochyena Coloring Page

About Poochyena Coloring Page

Poochyena is a quadruped Pokémon similar in appearance to hyenas and canines. Its body is primarily gray with a black face and throat, paws, and belly. Its eyes are red with yellow sclerae, and it has a red nose. Its lower jaw has two pointed teeth sticking out. The fur at the base of its tail is rumpled and shaggy. Poochyena has gray paw pads on its three-toed paws. It is omnivorous and will eat anything. This Pokémon lives in grasslands and forests.
This is image of Poochyena. You can print it out and teach your child to color by using crayons, colored pencils... to make a nice picture. Or color online on our site. Have fun!


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