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What kind of Pokemon has the ability to hide in the dark and has a special stealth ability? Gengar is the Pokemon that we want to introduce to you on this coloring page. Gengar Coloring Pages includes all images of Ghost-type Pokemon – Gengar.

Gengar is a pure Ghost-type Pokemon. Gengar is a dark purple Pokemon with a curvaceous body, short arms, and legs, and fly. It has red eyes, a sinister smile, and pointed ears. Gengar has a stout tail, numerous spikes on his back, and small tufty-like spikes on the top of his head.

Gengar is rarely found in the wild, although they can be found in caves and dark places where darkness forms. It especially likes urban areas like cities and alleyways, but only at night. Gengar is known to be loyal to a Trainer who treats him well.

Gengar is very mischievous and sometimes malicious. It loves to play practical jokes and make curses.

As part of Gengar’s body sinks to the ground, its arms and tail lengthen. The lower parts turn a redder purple, and a third eye appears on the forehead. This new unblinking eye is oval, yellow and allows it to see into other dimensions, and Gengar has now become Mega Gengar.

Mega Gengar’s back spines are more numerous and pointed, and additional spikes appear on its arms and tail. Its ears are now significantly longer and tilted back.

Mega Gengar has the ability to reach other dimensions and has an evil nature. Mega Gengar doesn’t care about opponents unless seen as prey.

As Gigantamax Gengar, it becomes larger, with parts of its body sinking to the ground, leaving only its head, tail, and arms. Its body turns from dark purple to light purple, and its eyes become white with the yellow sclera. The inside of its mouth changes like a tunnel with a long purple tongue sticking out. Three red clouds surround Gengar’s head.

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