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Welcome to our free Sabikui Bisco coloring pages below. These color sheets are inspired by a Japanese light novel, Sabikui Bisco.

Sabikui Bisco, also known as Rust-Eater Bisco, is set in post-apocalyptic Japan, a land ravaged by rust, a deadly plague-like wind that affects everything it comes in contact with, including humans. It is said to be derived from mushroom spores, so Bisco Akaboshi, a Mushroom Keeper and archer whose arrows grow mushrooms instantly wherever they land, is a wanted criminal. He and the giant crab Akutagawa team up with young doctor Milo Nekoyanagi to search the wasteland for the legendary “Sabikui,” a fungus said to be able to devour all forms of rust.

Are you interested in this Sabikui Bisco’s story? If you love the Bisco Akaboshi and Sabikui Bisco characters, collect the Sabikui Bisco coloring pages and brighten them with bright colors full of your creativity. Have fun and be creative now!

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