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Make time as colorful as the fireworks explode in Naganohara Yoimiya’s sky with our free printable Yoimiya coloring pages.

Naganohara Yoimiya is a Fire-type playable character from Genshin Impact. With her colorful fireworks and outgoing personality, Yoimiya is beloved by everyone on Narukami Island, who believes that summer would lose its essence without her.

Yoimiya flies into the sky with homemade fireworks “Ryukin Grass,” fires a flaming arrow forward, dealing Fire Elemental range damage and dealing additional “Golden Flame” to 1 enemy hit. Niwabi is a pyrotechnic line invented by Yoimiya, it can be lit without prior preparation or training, so it is trendy.

Yoimiya is a “sniper” among the other damage champions, Yoimiya, although not better than Hu Tao or Xiao in damage per second.

If you love Yoimiya’s burning Niwabi Dance, collect Yoimiya’s free printable coloring sheets. If you love Yoimiya, you’ll love Genshin Impact; it contains various Genshin Impact characters on our free Genshin Impact coloring pages.

Adventure into the colorful immersive world of Genshin Impact right now. Have fun!

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