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Jurassic Park Euoplocephalus Coloring Page

About Jurassic Park Euoplocephalus Coloring Page

Euoplocephalus was an ankylosaurid Dinosaur from the Mid-Late Cretaceous of North America. Euoplocephalus was equipped with fused bone plates on its back that acted as body armor as well as a pair of horns that protruded from the back of the neck, possibly as a defense against being grabbed by the neck. For defense Euoplocephalus was armed with a foot wide tail club that could be swing like a medieval flail and had the ability to break bone. In addition Euoplocephalus also supported a pair of armored eyelids, like Ankylosaurus.
Today, we give you some information of Dinosaur Euoplocephalus and this is picture of it. Now you can print it out and using crayons or colored pencils to color for the picture. Or color online on our site. Have fun!


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