(Update 8 June 2023) – If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to introduce your children to American history, then Alexander Hamilton coloring pages might be just what you need. This unique and educational collection is designed to inspire creativity and learning in children of all ages. As a leading website for creating coloring products for children, Coloringpagesonly.com is proud to present our latest offering, featuring the life and times of Alexander Hamilton. Dive into this fascinating historical figure and his contributions to American history with our engaging and beautifully designed printable sheets.

Introducing Alexander Hamilton Coloring Pages 

Alexander Hamilton was an American statesman, politician, and economist who played an influential role in forming the United States. He was born on January 11, 1755, in the British West Indies and later immigrated to the United States, where he became one of the nation’s founding fathers. He served as the first US Secretary of the Treasury and created the financial system the country still uses today.

What are Alexander Hamilton coloring pages?

Alexander Hamilton coloring pages are black-and-white illustrations of Alexander Hamilton that can be printed out and colored in by children or adults. They are a fun and interactive way to learn more about Alexander Hamilton’s life and legacy while developing fine motor skills and creativity. Our Alexander Hamilton coloring pages offer a fun and interactive way for children to learn about this remarkable man and the world he lived in. From his early years in the Caribbean to his instrumental role in shaping the United States Constitution, these coloring pages provide an engaging and educational experience for kids and parents alike.

When should I use Alexander Hamilton coloring pages?

Alexander Hamilton coloring pages can be incorporated into educational activities about American history, focusing on his life and contributions. Teachers can use these coloring pages as part of a lesson or as a fun activity to engage students and reinforce their learning. Alexander Hamilton coloring pages can be used during events or celebrations related to American history, such as Independence Day, Constitution Day, or Presidents Day. These coloring pages can help children and adults learn and appreciate the importance of Alexander Hamilton’s role in shaping America. Given the popularity of Alexander Hamilton, coloring pages featuring Alexander Hamilton can be used in theatrical-themed events or musical performances. They can be an engaging activity for kids or musical fans to enjoy before or after a performance.

The Best Alexander Hamilton Coloring Pages

The best Alexander Hamilton coloring pages will depend on your child’s age and interests. Here are some of our favorites.

Hamilton is Drafting

The coloring page shows Alexander Hamilton sitting at his desk, engrossed in drafting or writing. He can be depicted with a quill or quill pen, ready to write his thoughts on paper. His eyebrows may be slightly furrowed, showing intense concentration as he drafts important documents or writes down his ideas. This coloring page allows children and students to learn about Alexander Hamilton’s role in drafting essential texts, such as the United States Constitution or his writings supporting the Federal state. It allows them to participate in history and better understand Hamilton’s contributions to the formation of the United States. By coloring a page depicting Hamilton in drafting, individuals can develop a deeper appreciation of the historical significance of his work. It provides a visual representation of the intellectual and creative process that helped draft essential documents, and it can spark curiosity and uncover more about American history.

Hamilton in Military Uniform

Alexander Hamilton can be seen wearing a military uniform suitable for the period of the American Revolution. It comprises a blue jacket with gold or brass buttons and a three-hole hat. Uniforms are embellished with details like shoulder pads, belts, or other decorative elements. Our coloring pages attempt to achieve historical accuracy by referring to known descriptions of Hamilton in military uniforms or historical records. Researching his portraits or costume descriptions can help ensure an authentic representation. The main focus is on capturing Hamilton’s military role in the Revolutionary War and providing an opportunity for coloring enthusiasts to engage with this aspect of his life and its historical significance.

Chibi Hamilton

Chibi art is characterized by exaggerated features, a large head, small body. In Chibi form, Alexander Hamilton is drawn with a large head and simple, cute facial expressions. The body will be small and compact, often with stout limbs. Chibi Hamilton is depicted in his iconic outfits, such as jackets, waistcoats, and breeches, in a simple and cute style. When coloring, the child notices that the colors of his clothes can be bright and vibrant, adding to the playful nature of the Chibi art style. Coloring a page, Chibi Hamilton allows creativity and imagination while showing Alexander Hamilton in a lovely and fun style.

Portray Hamilton

Coloring pages depicting Alexander Hamilton based on historical portraits or descriptions. He wore the familiar jacket and waistcoat. The face has a confident and robust expression. The purpose of this coloring page is to provide a creative and engaging activity. Have fun exploring different approaches and bring Alexander Hamilton to life through coloring!

Alexander Hamilton Thinking

Coloring pages with Alexander Hamilton in deep thought can be a great way to capture his wisdom and contemplative nature. Hamilton’s facial expression must reflect focus and introspection. His eyebrows may be slightly furrowed, indicating that he is thinking deeply. The eyes can have a focused or distant look, showing his intellectual involvement. The background of the coloring page includes a row of neighborhood high-rises in the background. You can create an avatar that showcases his deep thinking and intellectual engagement through his pose, expression, outfit, and surroundings. Enjoy coloring and bringing this poignant portrait of Hamilton to life!

Alexander Hamilton in New York City

The coloring page depicts Alexander Hamilton of New York City, showing his connection to the city where he made significant contributions. Coloring pages feature iconic landmarks or elements associated with New York City, such as the skyline, Federation Hall or Trinity Church, or the city’s bustling streets. This helps create a sense of place and highlights Hamilton’s connection to the town. Alexander Hamilton wears his signature outfit, including a jacket, waistcoat, and tie. You can combine colors that reflect his style, such as blue or dark, and historical details, like buttons or collars. The coloring page is an opportunity to showcase Hamilton’s connection to New York City and his influence on its history. By incorporating elements that reflect the city’s atmosphere, landmarks, and Hamilton’s contributions, you can create an engaging and educational coloring experience.

Alexander Hamilton In Speech

Alexander Hamilton is depicted in a dynamic and engaging speaking posture. He can be seen standing with one hand raised or gesturing to emphasize a point. His body language should exude confidence and authority, reflecting his skill as an orator. Hamilton’s facial expression must show his passion and conviction when he speaks. Several spectators were attentive in the background, listening to Hamilton’s speech. This can include individuals in different expressions, such as nodding in agreement or showing interest. This element adds context and reflects the impact of Hamilton’s words. The coloring pages aim to capture the essence of Hamilton’s skill as a public speaker. Through poses, expressions, costumes, and symbolic elements, you can create an avatar that showcases the eloquence and impact of his speeches.

Tips for Using Alexander Hamilton Coloring Pages

Here are some tips for using Alexander Hamilton coloring pages effectively:

Educational Tool: Use Alexander Hamilton’s printable sheets as an educational tool to teach kids about this historical figure. Before or during coloring, provide information about Hamilton’s life, accomplishments, and role in American history.

Discussion starters: Engage in conversations with the kids while we color. Ask questions about Hamilton’s contributions or encourage them to share their thoughts and impressions. This can promote deeper understanding and critical thinking.

Historical Background: Discuss the historical context surrounding Hamilton’s life and the events he was involved in. Connect the coloring pages to broader historical topics, such as the American Revolution, the United States’s formation, or the financial system’s founding.

Creative expression: Encourage children to use their imagination and creativity while coloring. They can experiment with different colors, patterns, and shading techniques to make their artwork unique and expressive.

Historical Accuracy: If using historically accurate coloring pages, encourage your child to notice details and colors that reflect that period. Discuss clothes, hairstyles, and other elements that make coloring pages historically authentic.

Connections between subjects: Explore connections between Alexander Hamilton and other subjects, such as music (thanks to the Broadway musical “Hamilton”), writing (influential writings by Hamilton), or economics (Hamilton’s role in establishing the financial system). Encourage children to make connections between different areas of knowledge.

Group activities: Use coloring pages in a group setting, such as a classroom or a community event, to encourage cooperation and discussion among children. They can compare and share their coloring choices and insights about Alexander Hamilton.

Extended Activity: Expand the coloring by incorporating more Alexander Hamilton-related craft activities, writing exercises, or role-playing games. This can further enhance children’s understanding and engagement with the topic.


Alexander Hamilton coloring pages are a fun and interactive way to learn about American history while developing fine motor skills and creativity. Join us today at Coloringpagesonly.com and embark on an educational and creative journey with our Alexander Hamilton coloring pages. Discover the endless possibilities for learning and fun as you explore the life of this extraordinary man and his lasting impact on our world.

Remember that they’re just one tool in your educational toolbox, and it’s important to supplement them with other learning materials. If you are looking for another alternative to the famous People coloring page, we recommend Ariana Grande, Thomas Jefferson, and Bernard Arnault.

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