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Last Updated: July 22, 2023

In a world filled with digital screens and fast-paced entertainment, it’s refreshing to venture into the realism of coloring. Among Us is a popular online multiplayer game that has captured the hearts of millions with its suspenseful gameplay and quick character. But why limit the fun to playing the game when you can dive into a world ò creativity with Among Us coloring pages? You can let your imagination run wild as you bring these cosmic characters to life on paper.

Why Among Us Coloring Pages Are Growing In Popularity?

Before diving into learning the Among Us coloring pages, we can learn why this game attracts the attention of many people. The game is set in outer space, where the player plays one of two roles: most are crew members, and a few are impostors. The crew aims to find and eliminate all imposters and complete quests around the map, while the rogue faction aims to kill the crew members undetected. While it didn’t get much attention when it was first released in 2018, Among Us suddenly gained popularity in 2019 after many celebrities on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook started noticing. As of January 2023, the monthly active players of this game are 75.6 million. This means that there are a lot of people who are familiar with the game and its characters.  

Among Us has six characters, each with unique abilities and play styles. All of them will be expanded in the future. Upgrading your character’s abilities is done by buying skills with XP you earn during battles or missions. You can also equip items that alter your stats and appearance, but they don’t offer gameplay bonuses. The characters in Among Us are simple and easy to draw. This means that even young children can enjoy coloring them. Morever, Among Us, is available on multiple platforms, including mobile devices, computers, and consoles. So it is accessible to a broader audience.

Recently, Among Us suddenly captured the world’s attention when it was announced that it was about to be adapted into a full-length animated film. The film’s plot will be built around the core element of the game, which is about a group of astronauts running around their spaceship and performing errands. At the same time, an alien transforms into one of them and gradually “deals” with each one. There is currently no specific information on the project of the adaptation. Still, according to a report from Variety, Innersloth – the game’s development company, has contributed quite a bit to the project to ensure that it retains the “spirit” of the original work. This is also why Among Us coloring pages have recently made “a fever” again.

Top Best Among Us Coloring Pages

The Among Us coloring page will be the right gift for children to ensure safety and meet the needs of learning the game. Children can choose pictures and characters they like and proceed to color them. These are simple coloring pages for kids to manipulate with crayons. Our products are free; parents can download and print them for children to have fun and learn.

Among Us Spiderman

Among Us x Spiderman is a popular crossover in fan art, mods, and official merchandise. The idea of ​​Spiderman being an Among Us character is fun, as it combines two of the most popular franchises in the world. The coloring page depicts a crew member of Between Us dressed as Spider-Man, complete with a classic red and blue Spidey suit and a spider logo on his chest. For coloring, you can use red and dark blue for the Spider-Man suit, with black for the spider emblem. The crew member’s spacesuit Among Us can be colored in shades of blue or other fun colors.

Among Us Spiderman Coloring Page

Among Us Unicorn

This imaginative coloring page combines famous characters from the game Between Us with the enchanting world of unicorns. The coloring page shows a crew member of Between Us dressed up as a unicorn. He gets the classic spacesuit style but adds a unicorn horn on his forehead and a colorful, flowing mane and tail. Around him are decorated with stars, hearts, rainbows, stars, galaxies, and glittering elements to create a dreamy atmosphere. When coloring, you can use bright and pastel colors, such as pink, purple, blue, and yellow, to give your unicorn-themed Between Us crewmate a truly magical look.

Among Us Unicorn Coloring Sheet

Among Us Bowser

This fun coloring page will combine characters from the game Between Us with the iconic video game character Bowser from the Super Mario series. At this point, crew member Among Us dressed up as Bowser, bringing a playful twist to both worlds. Still the classic spacesuit, but he’s been drawn with Bowser’s signature features like the spiked shell, horns, and mane of fire. As for coloring, you can use traditional Bowser colors, such as green for the plumage, red for the mane, and yellow for the belly. You can also add vibrant colors to the spacesuit and background to make the coloring page fun and visually appealing.

Among Us Bowser Coloring Page

Among Us Spiderman vs. Venom

You will admire a thrilling scene through the coloring picture below. The coloring page features characters from the game Between Us who transform into Spider-Man and Venom to have an epic fight with each other. The scene introduces the final battle between the friendly neighborhood superhero and his formidable symbiotic foe. Spider-Man is in action, ready to confront Venom. With a majestic and intimidating appearance, Venom is depicted wearing a symbiote suit and a knife stuck in his head. You can use bold and vibrant colors for Spider-Man’s suit, bright red for the straps, and blue for his eyes. Venom’s black suit can be accented with shades of dark gray or blue to add depth to the character.

Among Us Spiderman vs Venom

Among Us Spiderman vs. Venom Coloring Page

Pikachu Among Us

In this adorable coloring page, we combine the beloved Pikachu character from the Pokémon series with the popular game Between Us. On the coloring page, a member of the Between Us crew dressed as Pikachu, uniting the worlds of Pokémon and Between Us in a fun and playful way. Crew members of Between Us are depicted in classic spacesuit style but with distinctive Pikachu features, such as pointy ears, rosy cheeks, and a cute tail. We’ve added some Pokémon themed elements to the background, like Pokemon balls. You can use traditional Pikachu colors, such as yellow for the fur, black for the stripes, and red for the cheeks. You can also add vibrant colors to the spacesuit to make the picture visually appealing.

Pikachu Among Us Coloring Page

In addition to the coloring pages, we also have a video tutorial on how to draw one of the Among Us astronauts. We choose the best, most straightforward picture to guide children to draw. Our instructions and operations are particular. Everything is done slowly and clearly, from the drawing step to the coloring instructions. Through the video, children learn how to draw simple pictures and proficiently use pencils and color schemes to create beautiful pictures skillfully. Children can imitate drawing according to our instructions and choose colors according to their preferences. You can go to How To Draw Among Us for more details on the drawing way.


Among Us coloring pages offer an exciting creative outlet, allowing you to color and customize your favorite characters and settings from this gripping game. The possibilities are endless, whether you color in a traditional style or explore digital coloring techniques. Through the therapeutic benefits of coloring, you can enhance your focus, unleash your imagination, and take a break from the fast-paced world around you. You can immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Among Us, where you have the power to give life and color to this captivating game. You can check out more coloring pages of popular popular games like Boxy Boo and Kissy Missy.

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