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Angry Birds Coloring Pages

Angry Birds with lots of different colors. Would you love to own these colorful images? Angry Birds Coloring Pages is a collection of black and white images of birds in the game Angry Birds. Use your creativity to apply coloring pages now. Use bright, eye-catching crayons to help the birds stand out more.

Angry Birds is a prevalent game genre in the past few years. The original image was just a few birds fighting against ugly green pigs, but it quickly became the Angry Birds game craze with attractive gameplay.

Angry Birds opens with the story that the evil green pigs have stolen the colorful birds’ eggs, so the birds decide to attack to get the eggs back.

The goal is to destroy the pigs by shooting directly or breaking structures, causing them to collide. If the player destroys all the pigs before the birds run out, the level is won.

Own coloring pages and color them more vividly. The red bird has strong impact power but no special ability. The blackbird can explode, or the white bird can drop an exploding egg. Chuck bird has the ability to leap as fast as lightning, or Stella can trap pigs in bubbles. In addition to the pigs, you can also help them bring a different color from the original. Pac Man and Angry bird coloring pages: These are fun childhood games.

Take crayons and play with them. Have fun! Explore other coloring pages at

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