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Last Updated: April 1, 2024

We provide the latest collection of 21 Bubba Bubbaphant coloring pages for users of all ages. This blue elephant is not a cute childhood toy. He is a resident of the abandoned Playtime Co. factory with a grin.

Bubba Bubbaphant is a blue elephant with black eyes, an S-shaped body, a long tail with a bulbous head, and large ears. His feet, hands, and tail, as well as the inside of his trunk, are a darker blue. Like other Smiling Critters, Bubba has a toothless, toothless grin. Bubba’s appearance in the cartoon is almost identical to that in the game despite removing the zipper, adding white pupils, and a pendant attached to a black necklace.

In this collection, we illustrate characters in many different settings and emotions. Fan-made video games inspire some images. You’ll find Bubba Bubbaphant’s solo portrait in happy, sad, and angry expressions. The coloring pages also feature more Smiling Critters characters such as CatNap, Hoppy Hopscotch, Bobby BearHug, and DogDay.

Bring this villain to life with your own color choices. You’ll paint him a vibrant blue or whatever color you like. Our coloring pages provide an engaging adventure for children and adult Smiling Critters fans.

Download and print the free coloring pages below without creating an account. You can choose the quantity you like as long as it is used for non-commercial purposes.

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6 Interesting Activities By Using Bubba Bubbaphant Coloring Pages

Bubba Bubbaphant is a brightly colored character but contains many creepy things. Let coloring pages lead you to creative ideas. These activities will help you make your Bubba Bubbaphant color images more valuable.

Make Stickers

The image of the green elephant Bubba Bubbaphant is copyrighted to appear on toys or stationery. You can create stickers of your favorite characters using our coloring pages. You don’t need to worry about copyright issues because our images are uniquely designed and protected by DMCA.

To implement the idea, you will need Bubba Bubbaphant coloring sheets, sticker paper, coloring tools, transparent glue, or other waterproofing substances. If your coloring pages are black and white, color them according to your creativity.

Then, cut out each image individually and leave a small border around the edge. Apply double-sided adhesive to the back surface of each shape. If you use sticker paper, you do not need to do this step.

Next, a layer of transparent adhesive or waterproofing agent is applied to the front of each image to increase durability. A finished sticker will look like the one below. You can peel off the sticker on the back and place it on different surfaces to use.

BubbaBubbaphant coloring pages craft 2

Decorate A T-Shirt

With this fun and practical craft idea, you’ll choose a favorite Bubba Bubbaphant coloring page. Then, print it on regular paper. Place a piece of cardboard or thick paper inside the t-shirt to prevent pen ink from leaking to the back.

The next step is to place the coloring page on top of the font in the desired position. You can use tape to keep it in place so it doesn’t move. We’ve placed the image above the shirt’s chest in the example below. Use a fabric marker to outline the Bubba Bubbaphant character and related details on the shirt.

Color the images with fabric-specific paint to ensure the design is vibrant and durable. Placing a cloth over the design and ironing it at the appropriate temperature for a few minutes will prevent the shirt from fading even after washing.

You can combine many other characters with Bubbaphant to make the shirt more outstanding. Now, you can wear this unique shirt with pride and love for the famous game series Poppy Playtime.

BubbaBubbaphant coloring pages craft 1

Image source: Poppy Playtime.

Create A Glow-in-the-Dark Picture

This exciting and unique project will brighten your home space, even in the dark. The essential must-haves are glow paint, a paintbrush, and the free printable Bubba Bubbaphant. After printing out the coloring sheets, you will use luminescent paint to color the details in the picture.

Consider painting the background with black paint to make the details stand out. Expose your photo to light for a few minutes for a better glow effect. You can use natural light or a lamp to paint the charged light.

After the paint dries, hang the painting on the wall with tape or frame it. Now you can turn off the lights and see the magical light of the Bubba Bubbaphant painting!

Make A Finger Puppet

This idea of ​​creating puppets will definitely entertain your children. You will need to print the Bubba Bubbaphant images onto cardstock. Color them with your favorite colors.

You can experiment with different coloring techniques like shading and depth to make the character more realistic. Cut the image of the blue elephant out of the page.

If printing on regular paper, you must glue them on cardboard to increase durability. Fold a piece of cardboard in half to make the base for the finger puppet.

Place the folded paper on one of your fingers to determine the size of the puppet. Once the glue dries, slide your fingers and have fun bringing the Bubba Bubbaphant character to life.

Design A Bubba Bubbaphant Mask

This craft project is very cost-effective with easy-to-find materials. You will need coloring pages, rubber bands, colored Bubba Bubbaphant images, thick card stock, coloring tools, and glue. Be sure to choose an image with Bubba’s face clear and in a frontal position.

Cut out the character’s entire face along the outline, including details like the elephant’s ears or trunk. Next, the cutout parts of the character are attached to form a complete mask.

Once you’re happy with the design, punch a hole on each mask side to attach the elastic so it fits your head. Now you have the unique Bubba Bubbaphant mask. Wear them proudly to a costume party or simply for fun.

Turn Into A Bubba Video Game

This idea is suitable for older children or adults who are passionate about video games. You will use the coloring pages as inspiration to create a gaming video.

First of all, come up with an idea for your game. You can choose coloring pictures that match the theme and color them. Then, scan or take a photo of the coloring pages and import them into design software like Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

You can also incorporate elements from the Bubba universe into the gameplay, such as character-related puzzles and obstacles inspired by the characters’ adventures. Once satisfied with the final product, remember to share it on social networks and game development forums for everyone to evaluate.

Bubba Bubbaphant coloring pages will provide a fun and imaginative experience for people of all ages. Through these pages, Poppy Playtime fans can participate in expressing their creativity and bringing their favorite characters to life through the fun activities above.

We constantly update and add new designs to keep up with current coloring trends and themes. There are countless collections for you to choose from. Remember to visit our website regularly so you don’t miss out on exciting things.

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