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Deku Coloring Pages teaches children to be inspired and empowered with the hope of surviving all hardships, standing up for good ideas against the bad guys, continuing to learn from life, and supporting their abilities. their imagination. Deku is Midoriya Izuku, he is the main character of the entire My Hero Academia series. He was born incompetent (without a Quirk), however, he gained the attention of the legendary hero - All Might thank to his heroic gesture and after he became a student at U.A. High School. All Might passed on his Quirk to Izuku, becoming the 9th person to inherit the Quiz One For All. Izuku has dark green eyes and messy green hair, and four freckles on both cheeks under her eyes. Izuku is very shy but helpful and polite. Due to being bullied since childhood because he did not have a Quirk, at first his image was quite blurry, he rarely showed expressions. However, after getting into U.A. High, making new friends, and after a practice match against Katsuki, he gradually becomes more confident in himself, to the point where he can be seen as having leadership qualities. Izuku is very diligent and strong-willed. His dream of becoming a hero prompted him to form the habit of noting all the details he observed from other heroes and their Quirks. Izuku often shows his observation as he constantly mutters, a habit that is annoying, sometimes scaring his friends. Izuku often records in a notebook what he observes. He called it Analysis for the future hero. Izuku is very considerate of others, and he has no qualms about helping those in danger, even when he knows that his current abilities cannot help them. His heroic spirit is recognized by many people, including those who have opposing thoughts and ideas such as Iida Tenya, Todoroki Shoto, Kota Izumi, and especially he is recognized by Stain True Hero. Deku has a lot of things for the kids to learn, he can be the idol of many kids. Kids love to color their superheroes from cartoon series. Let's color Deku to help him become more outstanding according to the children's imagination. Superhero Coloring Pages are a great suggestion for boys because they love superheroes. Choose your favorite coloring pages and use your crayons to make coloring pages more interesting. Unlimited colors. Have fun!
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