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Inasa Yoarashi, also known as Gale Force, is a first-year student at Shiketsu High School training to become a Pro Hero. He was the top-recommended student for U.A. High School before withdrawing his application.

Inasa is a very tall and well-built young man with buzzed, dark brown hair and black eyes. He sports Shiketsu’s signature hat in uniform or his hero costume.

Inasa’s Hero costume consists of a thick burgundy suit pinned with yellow buttons. A cape is draped over his shoulders, the collar lined with thick fur, and it almost conceals the jetpack-like propulsion system attached to his back.

His left arm is entirely concealed by the thick, brown material, and his hand sports a large tan glove with air pipes on it, whereas his right arm is completely exposed other than the skintight blue sleeve that appears to be a part of his undersuit.

Similarly to his left hand are several tubes around his torso and ankles, which are used to expel wind power to aid with his Quirk. Plates resembling gas masks pad his knees and left shoulder, and he completes his costume with large brown shoes and a pair of goggles around his head.

Inasa is an energetic, hyperactive, and enthusiastic young man expressing himself strongly. Collect this young man’s fun coloring sheets and help him become fresh from your color creativity.

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